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She Cave

I have been wanting for this since... FOREVER!
Im finally getting my She Cave built...

Day 1 The Base

Day 2 The Sides & Some Roof

Day 3..First Coat

Day 4..Roof and Windows and Second Coat

Making My Sign For The Studio
Used some wood from the Garden..

It turned out fab,
Waterproofed it with some spray varnish..

Had to cut it into sections,  it didn't fit because of the placement of the windows..

Shed Interior
This is how the inside looked.

I lined it with some thin Ply board and added some trim to hide the joins.

A few coats of masonry paint and its the business!

 I built the base of my desk for absolute free..
This was salvaged wood ..
The top cost me £28.00 for 3x 6x4.8 metres of garden fencing.