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Dolly Peg.

Im really chuffed with this ..
It was such a fluke...
I started off with some pictures of women in the 1930s for inspiration and this is where it took me...
I dont know how I ended up here...
The peg dollies...

The blue stove

am so lovin drawing again...Im drawing the most random just trying to practice every day and get myself to a comfortable place its been years!!!

The Youngs

My interpretation of my wee family ....just for fun lol..

Drawing again..

Ive been trying to draw again after quite a long break...YEARS!!!
Ive been working digitally for a long time now and kind of forgot how to use a pencil..
I started drawing again a few days ago..
I forgot how excited I got over new art materials..
Waiting on my pencils and sketchpad arriving was soooooooooo exciting!!!
I used coloured pencil and ink and mixed it in with some digital stuff.
It felt so nice drawing again..
Fruit & Cacti Vegan leather fabric print.

Raised plaster on Furniture

Hello..I posted about my plaster stencil wallpaper..I just wanted to show some detailing on my furniture with a stencil and plaster. No prep needed straight onto the furniture wait to dry and sand till smooth..(I dont sand I like them rough)

Raised plaster wallpaper.

I have posted about my plaster stencil instead of wallpaper before..
I think you can get a better feel for it at night when the lamp hits it...

Edwardian Dresser Vote

So I put it to a vote on my facebook page ..
My Facebook
and it looks like with the mirror has been voted.
I kind of knew this but I think I was just hoping it was nicer without because I cant be bothered painting it!!!!
Guess what im doing next time I have some spare time 😒

Edwardian dresser.

Im seriously thinking about painting the mirror and re-attatching it!!
Im not sure..

Kitchen cupboard

My old council cupboards were boring..
I took off the door and sawed it down to make a bookshelf inside the cupboard.
I then put trim all around the other doors.
Painted them in chalk paint and changed the handles.
I used some leftover cladding to make a folding shutter door.

Singer Obsession

I just thought I would take a wee pic of my beloved Singer...I was on my way to bed when I looked over and my wee baby singer was just sparkling in the candlelight..
I really do have a singer obsession...