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Stars and Galaxies

Converse Stars & Galaxies print. :)

Doc Martin wall art..

I really do love my Docs ..
they are up there with my dog, cat and son really!!!
I made a wee one today for my memories board..

Chinoiserie Pastels...

I love bright colours so these colours are kind of new for me.
Pretty chinoiserie pastels in a fan print.

I think this would look great as a wallpaper..

Monochrome Phone Fabric Design.

Playing around with the retro telephones again..this time in a monochrome print..
I love stripes, dots, chevron, aztec and crosses ..OH my I love all pattern!!!

Dr.Martens Fabric Design

So this little number is inspired by my most favourite boots on the planet since the 1990s...
mines are plain black though :)
You can buy a vegan faux leather washbag in this design here....Faux leather washbag

Or you can buy a canvas make-up bag here ....

Chinoiserie retro telephone fabric design.

Absolutley no housework today...
I finally got some time to sit down and play around with some designs.
I came up with some retro telephones with a mix of chinoiserie...
A new washbag  tomorrow. :)

Quickie Chicken Wire Memo Board.

I realised the other day my appointment cards were piling up in a wee heap on my desk...
I had an old frame in the shed and some chicken wire my lovely neighbour gave me a few months ago .
The frame was already painted ..I love when that happens..
I stapled the chicken wire on the back and added a few picture hooks to hang from my shelf.
10 minute memo board and it works great with some bulldog clips.

Desk Caddy..

I am so in love with my new Desk organiser bins.
They are brilliant for storing glasses, crochet hooks, pencils, brushes, and they can sit on the desk or be pinned to a wall or hung from a wall grid with there matching bulldog clip.

A place for everything..

And im still organising...A place for everything.
My little handmade grid bins are coming in handy...Im actually just about to design a taller one...
The boxes at the top are my upcycled wine ones from a few years back (decoupaged and handles added)
My new plant pot covers that I made which I absolutely love...

Pom-Pom window bunting

I was meant to be making a curtain of pom poms..Once I hit about number 25 my fingers started to cramp!!!!
I have opted for a nice pom pom bunting instead :)