Doll face tree decoration.

She has got to be my favourite by far!!!
I love her copper hair and copper trim...
Feels nice to recycle some of that cardboard into something.. rather than throw it!!
She has pride of place on my Christmas tree beside some folky mini clogs I found in a charity shop a few years back.

Cat tree decoration

Using up all of that extra Christmas cardboard with some decoupage and copper foil.
I never get tired of this wee guy...
He is gorgeous & I do love cats
He is actually copper foiled around the trim but you dont see it in the picture. :)

Handmade tree ornament.

Still playing around with the recycled cardboard..
I made myself a wee music tape for the tree..

Cardboard & Cork trinket box.

Last night I was playing around with some leftover cork sheets from my studio wall and some cardboard tubing I had hoarded !!!
I made this little trinket box with a dalmation decoupage print.
Im going to order a gold colouring pen..I think Gold trim would have been nicer than just leaving the cork showing..

Frank and Anna

I bought Frank a few years back ...
He was looking rather lonely on the love seat....
So I made him Anna....
I think they are a perfect match....

Christmas Decor 2018

I posted a video on facebook with the christmas lights on..
Christmas lights on..

I prefer when the lights are much more colour...

D.I.Y paper tiles

 D.I.Y paper tiles.

This side of the kitchen tile re-vamp had been long overdue...
When I first made the paper tiles I didnt know much about inks and papers...
Last night I printed off my the same prints as I still love this design..why change it!!!
I used Durabrite ink, matte photo paper and some P,V,A glue...I then go over it with any kind of clear, non yellowing varnish.
I stick the paper on to the existing old white tiles ( I paint them first so the grout is nice and white before I start the sticking down process)
What a difference they are lovely and bright!!!

Paper Clip Memo Board

A wee update on the paper clips lol..
I decided on wool wrapping the clips together in different colours...
Never again it took over 4 hours and I was nearly greetin!!!!
For me it just so started to look like a memo board so thats what it became.....

I thought a good idea would be to make Christmas tree in this design and hang cards and vintage ornaments from it... (another time)..

Paper clip wall art

Next on the gallery wall will be (I hope) my XL paper clip art....
I just need to figure out how to attach it together...:)

Gallery wall progress..

 My Gallery wall is coming along nicely...

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)