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Showing posts from September, 2016

Cacti Mini Vinyl Wall Art

My latest creation... Inspired by my latest addition to the jigglemawiggle home... Jermany the Cactus... My Son Dean Bought it for himself a few months ago... He gave it to me as it was working out to much responsibility.. Watering it once a month!!!!
Hanging Mini Stitched Vinyl Wall Art Etsy Shop Folksy Shop

Eye Candy!

Took some pics of some of the beautiful prints, patterns and textures in ma wee hoose.... Prints Patterns and Textures Oh My....

Folding Privacy Screen

My lovely neighbour gave me some louvre doors last year.. I added some hardboard to them... some framing... A wee bit of decoupage... Some flush hinges.. A bit of outdoor decking wood...  Some chalk paint...


My friend is coming to stay for the weekend.. I have been a busy wee bee cleaning.. Theres something about a clean house that makes me want to take pics.. :)

 Im still in the middle of making this privacy screen Will post up pics when my visitor leaves...

Vinyl Keyrings...

My Latest little creations... Vinyl Keyrings.. so cute...
Beautiful Women
Vintage Postcards

 Circus Print
 Famous Paintings

Rug Love..

I have fell in love with these outdoor rugs... beautiful patterns.. made with recycled plastic.. wipe clean paw prints !!! what more can I ask for..