A christmas wish

OMG...I have been wanting a singer sewing machine for years and years, but I wouldnt pay the money for one....

I finally got one... saved from the crush of death in the metal skip it was like all my Christmases came at once.
what is so special about this sewing machine is the hand crank on the side. With the introduction of electricity, many of these machines were converted to electric by the addition of a motor. The hand cranks almost disappeared. With a motor, you could do twice as much work.When you see a Singer like this one today, it will more than likely have a motor on it--not a hand crank.
Pretty Pretty
It aslo came with the original instruction book, needles and other bits n bobs
Aso has original lid and key...whoop whoop!!


My new home

chinese antique table

Today I helped save a table awaiting a violent death...
I knew I could fix the old fella up...
I wasnt sure what I liked about it, There was just something ....
I forgot to take a before picture but I found similar ones on web...
Its an Antique Chinese carved wood side table. The wood was lacquered in black. It is ornately carved with flowers and dragons. The top is inset would have been with red marble but this was missing. It is Early Republic circa 1900
Here it is..
Remeber my Beautiful blue Huntley & Palmers vintage biscuit tin... I knew this would come in handy..I used this in the insert

HO...Ho ho

My wee tree
And another view...
And another...hehehe

Christmas is coming..

OK... I know you all will think im nuts....its nov 24th and ive got my christmas tree up...but I do love my christmas tree..I dont put up any other decorations just the tree and I love it!!!
Its actually up late this year...I had it up at halloween last year lol!!!
Some of my tree decorations



I havent blogged for a wee while...thats because my wall panels took so long to do..I only had one latex mother mold and I had 69 molds to make...lets just say thats 2 weeks of my life I wont get back..tedious!!!!
I must say though I am rather proud of the finished product..
 another living room wall finished...





Wee Rylee

Had my best friend come over to visit me for the first time in my new house in the Scottish Borders...It was fab getting to see baby Rylee...She had the most gorgeous shoes on...I just couldnt help myself had to take a picture of one of them lol...
oh and her adorable wooden rattles...would have liked to have kept these to be honest :)
and not to forget...baby rylee lol...you cant really see her hair clasp here...her talented mummy who owns raspberry rose crafts made this...you can find her on facebook.

Most boring pictures ever !!!

Thats me onto my second wall in the livingroom 5 months later phew!!! ....I have to live in a space for a while before I get a feel for it....I decided on a full panelled wall..The storage heaters were an eye sore ..they had to go....Stripped back all the walls and floor, got hammer happy with the storage heater...split myself open a few times anaw lol !!!

Phase 2.....1 month It took to strip out and sand back
Phase 1...2days after I moved In

Phase 3...... The panelling begins

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)