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Tassel, Pom Pom and Vinyl Bunting

Today I made Tassel bunting :) I was quite surprised that It really didn't take long at all to make.. not everyone's taste im sure but.. I love it...

While I had the wool out I made some Pom Pom Bunting :)
I used the Clover Pom Pom Makers. They are brill..

 I made this mini bunting for the hallway fire surround from some leftover vinyl tiles. I just hammered a few holes in them so I could string them together with some thread. I made this hanging photo frame display today too.. I used some clothes rope and a staple gun :)

Fire Hearth

My hallway was looking a bit bland! Ive given the hallway Fireplace a Hearth... All made with paper and varnish :) I hope we don't ever have Gale force winds here in Selkirk I believe half my house would blow away!

Living Room Wall Display

Here I go again, moving things around :)

Turquoise Mirror

A wee pop of colour...

Easel Clock Update

I sent my mum a pic of her ex-clock on the easel... She didn't really like the easel and suggested it might be better painted.. Good one Mum.x It looks way better. :)


I don't know why...  but when I do my housework I want to take random pics lol!