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Nuts For Suitcases

I do love the old suitcases.. I am rather nuts for them.. or should I say Im a nut case hahaha


Just a random pic taken this morning hahaha...because I can....

Blanket Box Again !!!

Im really not sure of it..think I am going to strip it and start again

Blanket Box

I got this wee blanket box from the skip a couple of days ago...

dont know if I am that keen on the decoupaged top,
  maybe I should have just painted the whole lot grey...  but that would be to boring for me :)

Embroidery Rings

These little things make gorgeous frames.. Every time I find a fabric I like I frame it...

Doily Lampshade

I have no patience what so ever... instead of waiting till the morning to get a nice picture of my lampshade...  which I have worked on for hours... I have taken the picture while its still wet with glue dripping hahahaha..

Rabone Chesterman Measuring Tape

Another skip find... Robust leather cased Antique tape measure produced by Rabone Chesterman.  Presented in a lovely chestnut leather cased, the leather has a lovely patina to it.

1920s Flour or Sugar Shaker

Found in the skip... Pfft some people have no respect.....I think its circa 1920...or should I say Google says lol...Its an Aluminum Metal Baking Flour Shaker. It looks Hand soldered. Good condition with signs of wear and oxidation. Nice addition to my kitchen tin ware collection.

Home Sweet Home

Its so starting to feel like my home...its only took 1 year and 3 months lol !!! Im not quite there yet.... something still isn't quite right !!!

Bread Bins

Omg I have such a passion for enamel ware...I just love it!!! I now own two Bread bins both of them older than me!!! This one was found in the duck egg one I bought in Hislops Charity Shop in Selkirk.

Loving Chevron

I have been loving Black and white stripes for a while now and I've already incorporated the carnival stripe in my lampshade but I just cant get enough of monochromes so I bought myself some Chevron  Riley Blake Fabric and made myself a sofa cushion...

Frugal Cool

Found some lovely items in the charity shop in Galashiels yesterday whilst out shopping with mummy.  First was a gorgeous circular tile that I thought would be a great pot stand to save my new oak worktops from any unsightly marks but decided it was too pretty so I displayed it on my car booty plate rack!!!

Next...A Cath Kidston bag...something I have been after for a long time and even better it was brand new. Last.....A beautiful Renoir print...

In The Scrap Yard !!

Found four of these HUMUNGUS tea tins in the skip today...Gave them a good scrub, they were covered in bird poo haha. One of them is from a tea shop in Paris and the other three are from Edinburgh.

Provence Portable Fire

I have a really really cold house, the Winters are awful. Ive had my eye on the Provence portable calor gas heater for a while now and after many months of saving I finally purchased it... Im going to build a corner fire surround, I haven't worked out exactly how yet!!! but when theres a will theres a way!!

Kitchen Update

Oak Worktops
A before picture of my lovely kitchen. :) Ordered some Oak from Ebay for the worktops. I made this little side unit out of a pine cabinet my mum gave me. I just added some legs off cut from an old tea trolley using some dowels and a drill attached them to the bottom, and added a worktop.

Ever Changing Living Room

I do love my New/Old fire surround........

Fire Surround

Picked this fire surround up from Gumtree for £40. It was in quite a mess all the wood had come loose, and It was covered in dead spiders and little mites that made me itchy for days lol!!! I could see the potential though :) I had to chip away some of the old fireplace to make the surround fit.. I had to add sides and a top onto the main fire surround .. Mouldings made out of plaster of paris...I buy a resin or wood mould then make a copy using liquid latex and make a plaster mother mould of that.... So here it is all finished...

One Mans Junk......

Here is a pic of the lamp base I found in the skip the other day. It was antique bronze in colour. Ive given it a plain white undercoat and im now thinking on hand painting it in a colourful Aztec design. turquoise, reds, yellows and all the colours of the rainbow lol...

The Old And The New

bottom up....1920s Gramophone, 1950s Typewriter And a 2013 Crosley Record Player...

Visit to the skip

I went to the local skip today to dump some of the rubbish I have acquired over the past few months from decorating the kitchen. In the skip were two lovely lamps. This one I only needed to give a wee wash its bronze antique in colour with a velvet lampshade.


Welcoming the Love!!!! Love heart twig door wreath.

Revamped Dining Chair

My elderly neighbour gave me some dining chairs yesterday. They had belonged to her Grandmother and had been lying up in her attic for years. I mixed up some of my handmade pure white chalk paint and made a patchwork cover for the seat.

 I think this is a really pretty Dining Chair. It also has a lot of history behind it making it extra special.