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Architectural Letter Tutorial

This has been one of those many projects Ive been meaning to do...  you know the ones??? Heres how it came about... I bought a new oil filled radiator online.. it was delivered in a nice big cardboard box ... a box perfect for my project.. A cereal box just wouldnt have been the right size! A 3D Letter S.. 24" x 15"

I started off drawing the letter S freehand on a big piece of paper. I really wish I had taken longer to research S fonts.. Im always the same i rush into every project!

I traced the letter onto the cardboard...   cut out two pieces for the back and front. I rolled and taped 2" pieces of card and glued them to the base. 2" is the thickness of the Letter.

Covered the top piece in glue and stuck it on. I left it to dry overnight. I forgot to take a pic on how to do the sides.. It really is the easiest part..  Cut 2 inch strips and just tape them to the top and the bottom.

DO NOT DO THIS ... I decided to cover it in plaster of paris...   It softened the…

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)