6 Weeks Old

Aw my wee puppy Gabe is just so adorable...I just love him so much...even though he keeps trying to eat my face!!!!
Humungus Paws

Gabe The Babe

So here he is, the new addition to the Young family...Gabe The Babe...he is so cute.
Been up since 4 this morning because he kept biting my nose...
Ive never Cleaned up so much poop and pee in such a short space of time....


My wee boy enjoying the warmth of one of my crochet blankets...love it !!!

House Warming Gift

I do love these hook spoons I got as a house warming gift...I love anything from anthropologie..I just dont buy anything from there myself because I find it a tad over expensive !!!


I found this mirror in a thrift shop in galashiels....I loved it...some coffee and white paint... and I got myself a new mirror.

Vintage Goodiness

Oh I just love love love when I get something that I really love when I am at the Thrift shops....seen these vintage tins and fell in love instantaneously!!!!
Even better got them all for under a tenner....and they were filled with vintage goodiness !!!!

Fat Face Dress

Found this gorgeous fat face dress yesterday cost me a whole £4.50...Its still in fat face for £55.00....aw I do love a bargain.


A wee pair of mustard footless tights to go with it me thinks!!!!

Lloyd Loom Lusty

Oh I do love a freebie..... My neighbour was throwing this away...I think its gorgeous!!!
Cant decide on how I am going to Re-funk it...but it will be going in my bedroom...
Gold was never my favourite colour...but I do like this..Im hoping to find some nice vintage fabric on my next round of the thrift shops for the lid.


My wee cat!!!...cant wait for our new addition to the family next week... Gabe our wee puppy spaniel.

Love a Bargain.

Had a fabby time rummaging over the weekend in the thrift shops. Found a gorgeous topshop blazer and dress.....oh the joys!!!
also found a gorgeous fat face dress for £4.00 and its still selling in the shop at £55.00....BARGAIN!!!!


This weekend I had my oldest friend Z come to stay. Shes not old in age lol, we have known each other for a very long time !!!.
Its was so nice to have her here, because I finally I have a kitchen thats big enough to entertain guests while I cook (whoop whoop).
We rummaged every Thrift shop in the Scottish Borders.

Some fresh flowers I picked from the garden displayed in my lovely wee grecian vase I got in a thrift shop in edinburgh a few months ago.

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)