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Found..27 Singer Cabinet and machine

This was found at the side of a skip... Drawers broken, full of dirt and grime.. The wood all watermarked and dry... A Singer 27 from 1895.. The machine itself was actually in not bad nick... I will clean that at a later stage...
I managed to fix 4 of the five drawers...but you cant tell one is missing.
A good sand and oil...
I scrubbed the base with a toothbrush and washing up liquid...

Bathroom cabinets and cupboard storage

Im just loving the new storage in my bathroom... A top cabinet for all my perfumes.. And below a double storage cupboard for all my towels....

Handmade Trug.....

A gorgeous bright handpainted trug found in the Walkerburn Charity shop...

I think this is lovely!

Tea Towel Love...

Oooh I fell in love with the sheer loveliness of this Tea Towel
found in the TKMaxxstore in Falkirk..

Some random pics...

Some random pics lol...

Cacti from my son for my Birthday yesterday :)

The Lavvy Cupboard!

I found this orange pine cupboard in Hawick Charity shop... I thought this would be perfect for the Lavvy Storage...
And now..... A few coats of chalk paint... Fill the old knob holes..(sounds so rude) Drill some new ones.. 

Bedroom Fire Surround Update..

The fireplace really makes my bedroom feel a lot cozier... Last night I made some wool tassle bunting for it..

Fire Surround

I originially got this fire surround for the Kitchen but I didnt like it in there... It is a perfect fit for the bedroom though...  I picked it up in the Hawick Charity shops for £30.. A tad expensive I think.... but after a wee coat of paint and a centre mold picked up for a £1 in the charity shop... Its worth the £31.00 now :)


I had to clean the room ...which took hours! And all because I put one revamped antique bookcase beside my bed... So I just had to take a picture :)

Revamped antique bookcase...AGAIN!!

This is the third time around for this wee guy :) Antique bookcase bought for pennies in the auctions! I didnt take a pic of the before but he looked something like this...  Only not as nice! 2015 

 I dont know about you but its storage for the crap I need not a display case! I cut some hardboard to size, wallpapered it.. stuck it onto the glass panels then sealed it.  Perfect to hide away some of the not so nice bedroom linens... 2017

A wee close up  of the wallpaper :)

Cath Kidston Birthday Gift

OOOh  I have so wanted Cath Kidston Mugs for years and years... I just couldnt justify paying £6.50 A mug.. My lovely son Dean got me 6 mugs and a pestle and mortar for my birthday :)

Maratime Russian Dolls

I found these little fishermen/sailors in the charity shop in Melrose... I picked them up for £2.50.. I think they are fab! They are also in perfect condition...

Sewing area privacy screen

Im trying to create a sense of different spaces... I have to share a sewing room/craft room/computer room in one floor space :( I used the folky privacy screen I made last year, to seperate the sewing area...  I can hide lots of remnants and scraps in baskets behind the screen :)
How I made the Privacy Screen Link

Monks Bench

This has been a lot of work... Think I have gave myself tennis elbow again... Stripped..sanded..oiled and re-upholstered.. 1874 beautiful oak hallway bench... got it for a bargain price!