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Mustard /Yellow Chunky knitted cushion

I bought this from TKmax in the reduced section... There were a few tears but nothing that couldn't be easily mended... Not bad for a few pounds....

Mid Century Italian Florentine Tray.

Trolling the Galashiels charity shops yesterday I found this piece... A gold gilt Florentine tray... I nearly missed it tucked away behind some rather ugly green mugs... This is an Italian work of art..mid century.

More spring cleaning...

Another room all clean for my mums visit... :) I love when everything is all clean... It doesn't stay like that for long though...  Gabe and his muddy paws!

Spring time already.......

I love these outdoor rugs... They are great for muddy paws... You just wipe them clean.. I actually washed all the runner and small rugs in the bath the other day... they came out like new!
I have my Mum coming this weekend and its officially spring time... The house is long due for a spring clean...
Bedroom all clean :)

D.I.Y Basic Breakfast bar..

This little breakfast bar provides more kitchen work top space ....... I bought a 1000mm by 620mm ... I took a bit off the side which I used for the legs... The breakfast bar chair I got from a Hawick second hand shop for a fiver!!! I had some left over paint in the shed so I did some mixing and came up with this petrol blue.