More School

So the kids at Selkirk High school are selling phone socks, there dilemia was to either sell them plain or decorated...ive made and decorated one to persuade them to decorate them...with a little imagination and one of my son Deans Christmas socks, some scrap fabric and bits and pieces of some broken fashion jewellery...

School project

I have been going into the local high school in Selkirk the past few weeks to show some of the pupils how to decorate with fabric flowers.
So I made some wee things up last night to show them some of the ways you can use these little pretties....
Flower Necklace
                                                                    Flower Brooch

A Wee Touch Of Morris ..

I have always been a fan of William Morris he was an English textile designer, Artist and Writer in the 1800s
I love his designs....and I finally got myself a wee piece of fabric in the pimpernel design, to be honest my most favourite is the strawberry fields....
Here it is....
I got  a lamp  from Sainsburies reduced to a couple of pounds..Love a bargain..I loved the Acrylic jewel base, the lampshade was a tad boring though...beige satin cover.. I got my reliable old friend the P.V.A , marked out the fabric and glued it took the whole of 5 minutes.
It transformed my tiny wee shelf lamp.
Thankyou Mr Morris.x

Birthday find

So its my B-Day tomorrow...I cant believe im 40...OMG it sounds so old !!!!
My fab mum sent me some money to go rummaging in the thrift shops ..WHEY HEY!!
I found my first bit of decor for my bathroom in a local thrift shop Hislops (I think).

Pitcher and Wash Basin and a lovely crochet doilie all for under £5.00
The chinese antique table I saved from the Recycling yard.
My funky decoupaged wallpaper all free.. downloaded from the internet. All printed out at home on cheap paper and inks for less than £10.00...thrifty is my second name...

Its An earthenware foot warmer/ bed warmer
I just love it !!!
It cost £4.00
shelving cost nothing free from the garden lol....
Calender my mum bought me for my Christmas...

Another Hallway Update !!!

Ok so im having a major dilemia..Ive wanted white floors for years but now I have sanded back the floor Im actually thinking on maybe getting a Jacobean Oak stainer...Oh im not sure...
Still have coving to put up....dreading it!!! I have tons left to do but I just cant help myself with the photos...
Can you see my galss jars on the top shelf? They are so much prettier in real, I stuffed some fairy lights in them and threw a label and a  bit of ribbon round them and they really do make fab lamps!!!
I took a close up of them for you lol !!!
Shelves arent the best Ive ever made but I never had proper timber I just used the leftover from my panels..Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty....
A wee close up lol of some book covers my wee mumsy bought me a few years back. Oh and she bought me the keys for my Christmas...SHE REALLY IS A FAB MAMMY!!!
And a long distance shot lol. Some garden brackets for shelving.
My hard work...And still nowhere near finished..

Bless My Cotton Balls !!!

I really love these wee Balls of lights. I am making them for my latest project garland fairy lights but I made this one a tad on the large side but I think its beautiful all the same....
Ive used a tea candle in this one because of its LARGENESSIS!!
All you need is some balloons,  PVA, wool, thread, string...whatever...and wrap till your heart is content....
I used the back of two chairs and a long piece of wood to hang my iccle balls of wonder from....

Final resting place

The sewing machine

Hallway Update!!

I have never been so long decorating one room, its going to be the death of me im sure!!!
Thats just One wall complete justanother 3 to go.
 A reminder of how it was                                                                          Getting there
Night time 


Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)