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Oversized ruler...

I made this last summer... I decided to waterproof it and put it outside this year :) I think I have choked half of Selkirk with the amount of spray varnish I used! Im going to get some nice colourful paint and paint the brick work next.
Garden Fun

No frills String rug.

I found the string in one of those cheap stores, poundland or something like that.... 3x 40 metre lengths for £0.69p I thought this would be great to make a small washable bathroom rug. The string is tough and feels quite robust,  but plyable enough to work with and put in the washing machine. Ive only used 1 1/2 packets so far...

Front Garden..

I find it extremely difficult to take a good picture of the garden... It really does look better in real... I love this time when everything comes alive and starts to bloom :)

My neighbours sister Gwen made me this fantastic rustic birdhouse... Im going to make a sign for it today and call it "The Gwendy Hoose"

 My Gallery Wall :) will be...when I add more...

 Pallet shelf and alice in wonderland sign :)

 Victorian bathtub pond :)

My singer table/potting table.

Vestibule Hall

Vestibule Hall... (I wish! ) If you cordon off a small section at the front door it can create a similiar feel... I have been thinking about building a fake wall here with a doorway... ...The reason I created this area ? ... I have painted floors... So sick of painting this area.. ...over and over and over.... Vinyl tiles are brilliant for those winter months.....  ..especially if you have a dog..

Into the front garden view...

Book Collecting..

One of the many addictions on which I suffer is book collecting... be it flower arranging, cross stitch, macrame or dough crafts.. I have a rather large collection.. Most of them range from around the mid century.. a few older books...and some a little younger... All are to do with the arts and crafts.. One day I say to myself I will sit down and read them all !!!  I picked up this one today.. (I actually picked up 6 but this one was my most visually pleasing)

Sewing Nook tips...

My wee sewing nook Try and set up your sewing space where there is lots of natural light...
You don't need a huge work area a small desk is enough...
Keep your most used tools in handy jars at your desk..
If your sewing nook is in a shared room...keep it tidy and organised ...
try to keep it as aesthetically pleasing as possible!
Lots and lots of gorgeous boxes and jars they will all be out on show :)