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All Hallows Day

I dont usually do anything for halloween.. A friend of mine loves it and has talked me into doing a little something for it... Here it is.... Chalk Painted pumpkins... With some Waterproof sugar skull bunting... and a wee touch of handmade vinyl wall art...

Shoe Mold/Last Toilet Roll Holder...

I seen this and fell  in love !!!!

Shower Curtain

OOh its been such a long time since I seen a beautiful shower curtain.... I just needed this so much.....:) I got it for £10.00 in Urban Outfitters.. Absolute Bargain :)

Basket Plant pots..

Im loving this look... Basket plant pot covers... I place large bowls inside the baskets to catch any moisture!

Winters Coming....

Meh!!! On the other hand I do love the coal fire!

Shaker Pegs...Everywhere!

A few years back I made my own peg rails with dolly pegs..
Dolly Peg Rail Link

They were lovely but I do like the look of the shaker peg... I had already made slim full length shelves this year...
Full length slim shelf link

The thought of drilling holes and gluing...Meh!
Then I saw These...  Screw in shaker pegs...

And it lead to this........
Living Room  

Living Room 


Need more still have the hallway and bathroom to do :) (Cheezy Grin)

Welsh Dresser Kitchen Island..

I was so bored with my Kitchen... My table and chairs were far to big for the space.  I turned my welsh dresser into an island by removing the top.. I installed a peg rail where my welsh dresser used to be... The space feels a wee bit different.. It really does feel much larger... This should keep me happy for a wee while :)