Wallpaper Lampshade

Not so frugal moment...Impulse buy....didnt like it a few hours after I bought it...It has been four different colours in the past three days..White, Red, Blue and Mustard (well as close as I could get). I had a doily thing going on with the lampshade at first, I tore them off...Used some wallpaper instead..Im quite pleased with the outcome...I like things that are different from the norm...I am eccentric after all !!!
For the mustard base I used some plaster of paris mixed in with water and acrylics to give a chalky appearance ....
heehe doily thing!!

The Reading Corner..

As the title says.... wee cozy reading corner....
Knowing me ill have this changed around again in the next few days...

Finished ....

Door 1
Just eleven more door frames to go.......

Door Dressings ..

Stage 3
The door looks completely different now...I love it...Just adding my homemade latex and plaster appliques for the finish...then im going to mix up some chalk paint for the finish and hopefuly it will give it a real plaster effect...not bad for having not a lot of pennies !!!

Soap Dishes

Found this pretty little dish today only cost me a £1.00 found it in a wee Selkirk thrift shop...will have to find out the shop name (note to myself)..

Ridgways..Pattern Chintz
Actually reminds me of a similar one I picked up in Edinburgh last year...

Masons..Crabtree & Evelyn 


Unfinished Poor Mans Architrave and Pediment...

I really wanted those really fancy door frames but alas I am A POOR PERSON!!!
I decided to tackle my own... armed with M.D.F, timber, P.V.A, rope, latex and plaster of paris, oh and some nails... I havent finished just waiting for all the glue and fillers to dry.....Then I am going to add all my homemade plaster appliques...I think tudor roses!!!

You cant really see the rope trim here.....
Check out my lush homemade fingerplate...going to take off the doorknob and the keyhole cover, clean and paint them...

The Life Of Rylee

 Heres one of my wee kilts on a rather adorable little one called Rylee....


Forgot I had this sleeper in my out house..gave it a quick sand and some tung oil...

Wall update

Found some random letters around the house..the only words i could make were vest or zest lol!!! I went for zest. Im sure I will use the v on something else. Also had the wee plate in the house for months, got it when I was out thrift shopping with my mum in stockbridge, edinburgh. It was terracota, so a wee splash of paint and it fits with the decor lol !!!!

Wall decor

Ok so I am starting to decorate the fireplace wall with some of the things I have been doing...I used an old drawer front as a shelf..(still to paint it and put molds on it..waiting for paint..still!!!).
I think its starting to look quite nice.x Still lots more to add to it..need to get out to some thrift shops soon !!!




Oh my...I am so bored today...waiting on timber and paint getting delivered....so want to get on with the hallway but alas I have no materials !!! Here is a picture of some of the frames for my hallway...A floral mirror I made with fabric flowers...An oval mirror I added some of my homemade mouldings too...and an embroidery ring with one of my favourite fabrics in it.

Love, Love....Finger plates

All cast and ready to be painted...I so love these !!

Lightswitch Cover !!!

Its only took me about 3 days !!! Just another 6 surrounds to go...even the dog has latex and plaster all over his coat.

Loving Latex !!!

I seriously love molds...I decided to make my own lightswitch covers and the cost of 4 corner molds for each switch was costing me around £16. So after a bit of research I decided on latex and plaster of paris.
Its a lengthy process to make the mother mold but when I seen my first little mold I was overjoyed!!
My First Mold

Second Mold
Added this mold to an already ornate mirror...makes it look even more beautiful!!

Sweet Tooth

I had just had my dinner and was feeling fine until my good friend Raspberry Rose Crafts (you will find her on facebook) put up a picture of some yummy chocolate fruit and nut slices..... A wee phone call to her to tell her her cakes looked scrummy and how she had put me in the mood for something sweet...A short discussion later involving cooking chocolate being not the same as normal chocolate would give me an iffy tummy..she said have you any porridge oats and syrup you could make chocolate covered flapjacks...well that was me the sparks were flying off my heels as I ran to the kitchen to see what ingredients I had . Some porridge oats later....you will notice I didnt even wait for the chocolate to harden hehehehe..yummy!!!
Chocolate Flapjacks

The Terrorizer !!!

Do not be fooled by this adorable picture of Gabe...he is terrorizing me...I have had to replace the internet wire..the phone wire...the divx player wire...turtle beach head phones in the bin...rugs chewed to bits....and the list goes on....Funny thing though...he loves carrots!!!

Butt for the Breadmaker !!!

A baker I am not.... since moving to the Borders I have a lot more time on my hands things are more slow paced here...one could even say its so slow its going slightly backwards !!!!
I decided to blow the dust from my breadmaker...
What a wonderful invention for people who cannot cook (I burn everything)
I have been baking bread like a maniac for the past few weeks.
Bagel bread, banana bread, white bread, wholemeal bread.
The other day while wondering what bread to make I came across an ingenious button called cake...
so here it is...da da daaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Carrot And Raisin Cake

I have put on a few pounds over the last few weeks the reason being I realise I am rather greedy with homebaked foods!!!
This is so gorgeous.....I ate the whole lot myself!!!!
If you want the recipe feel free to email me at jigglemawiggle@hotmail.co.uk

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)