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Love me Love my Dog

Had a nice wee day out wandering around the charity shops in Galashiels today. Found this cute little green leather photo frame... I downloaded both the prints from the internet...

Valor 106R Paraffin Heater

Oh look what I found in a skip today a 1920s valor paraffin heater full of rust.. there is a definite moroccan feel to this little beauty...the front door has a traditional moroccan design on it, but the heater was made in England a london company.
I was thinking going white with some retro scandi folk art print...but once I got a feel for it I changed my mind...and went modern moroccan with it... A wee before pic... Now its still a work in progress but heres were im at so far...Although I want to use a modern Moroccan design I want it to look like its really old ...not like below.
So Ive completely distressed it before I start the next phase... I don't want to add the tile design all over..just enough to make it look like the pattern has disappeared over time...once its dry I will take the sandpaper over it again... The Lights...The Lights...
 And a wee update today...

Forget absolutely everything I was going to do in the above posts...
here it is today...

Refunked Antique Table

So here it is in all its glory...Oh I do like it, think I done a pretty good job on this little fella... To protect the decoupage top I used some Perspex from some old picture frames I had bought from ikea many moons ago...

Antique Harp sided table

Mersman made millions of them...  they churned out more than 30 million table in the 1920s, the company bragged that one out of 10 tables in American homes was a Mersman. It is also called a Lyre/harp end table.. And what it looks like today... I love this mock tile pattern.. You can buy this for £20.00 a meter.. or just do what I do and save the image from Cyber space then print it out...

Wall Display

Ive been spending way too much time in the house...I keep moving things around.. O.C.D screams rather loud in my ears!!! Anyways heres some random pics...

Handmade Wallpaper

Well heres the story... I could not decide on a wallpaper for livingroom. I knew if I just bought one design I would go off it sooner rather than later... So I decide on just printing my own prints and doing my own... Not to every ones taste but I love it !!!


It really is starting to feel like home...its only took a year and a half lol. I cant wait to be able to afford my funky tile wallpaper for above the grey cladding...

Vintage Suitcase Shelf

Painted one of my suitcases last night in a kinda minty green...I put some brackets on the wall and used the case as a wee shelf..

Grey Interior Wall

Over the weekend I cladded my wall around the window, It was looking really bare and boring. I Decided on Grey I just mixed some white emulsion with black acrylic paint. Im going to paper the top with some funky mock Moroccan tile paper it costs a pretty penny so it wont be getting done till after Christmas..or I might just print up some designs myself and paste them on like a patchwork wall..

The Bus Infinity Scarf

I was heading up to Edinburgh yesterday so I dived into the local wool shop before I got the bus and picked myself up a nice ball of Aran wool. I made this infinity scarf  on my bus journey. This will be perfect to keep me warm in the winter dog walking months.

Just Because

Just because Im snap happy... My painted suitcases in the bedroom... My doily lampshade I made..