Yellow Bureau

I forgot to take a before pic of the Bureau...
 I found a pic on google images pretty similar to it..

 My bed faces right onto the bureau..
I cant think of anything nicer than waking up to a burst of sunshine!

I thought it looked nicer with the insert painted white

 I love the colour pop of these two pieces together..

My Dressing Table

I was determined I wasnt going to paint this piece because it was so gorgeously gorgeous..

I couldnt help myself.....

Ornate Welsh Dresser

So here it is my first piece in the JiggleMaWiggle furniture range..
AAAargh some nail biting going on here..

Walnut Dressing Table

And its mine all mine!
I Went out to Hawick the other day to find some pieces of furniture to revamp..
I found this gorgeous piece for £40...
again £40...
I am in lurve!

The dilemia...shall I paint it?
Im thinking Peacock Blue with dark distressing...

Chest of Drawers

I was asked to revamp an old chest of drawers for a little girls bedroom.


Heres what I came up with.

The design stands out a lot more in real life than in this picture! 

Handmade Shed Bench

I made this and I am so proud!
I love it..its just what I need for my She Cave..

Vintage Quimper Biscuit Trays

Found this gorgeous set of Vintage French Quimper trays 
at the Galashiels Car booty on Sunday.
They are a set of 8 and the lovely lady charged me £1.00.

Over Door Bunting

I have so neglected my wee home because of my latest project..
The garden studio (shed) Lol!
I had made this jester bunting for the kitchen window..
When I Came in from the shed last night..
cough cough I mean studio... 
It had fell down into a sink full of bleachy water.
One of the flags were completely ruined so I had to cut it off..
I think it looks much better above the Kitchen/Hallway door.
Hallway to Kitchen Entry

Kitchen to Hallway Entry

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)