Wallpaper Crafts.

I got this Glass cabinet from the auction house for about £8.00.
I needed more storage but not on display storage..
I used some leftover wallpaper to hide the glass fronts so I was able to store all my bits n bobs.

Cardboard Scraps.

I always have lots and lots of cardboard saved..
from loo rolls to Cereal Boxes..
I made this freehand letter S from the Stash..

Recycling containers.

It looks nice when you open your cupboard and you have lots of patterned tubs.
Whats more lovely is recycling these containers.

Recycled 1920s Paraffin Valor Heaters

These were saved fromn the crusher...
They now live in my Garden..
One used to be a floor lamp in my sitting room.

Recycled Piano Stool

Another one saved from the skip..

Leftover hardboard fun..

I made this vintage style crockett Bench with some leftover hardboard from my shed project.
I used some vintage fabric for the top.

Vintage Engineers toolbox.

This was another skip find...I painted it with homemade chalk paint.
Decoupaged 2 drawers and oiled 2 drawers. :)

Singer sewing machine case facelift.

This Singer was saved from the crusher.
A wee bit of TLC and some decoupage...

Upcycled Scrap Garden wood.

Made this fireguard a few years ago now with some Garden wood, Wallpaper, Rope and plaster of paris.

Upcycle leftover fabric scraps.

I made this one years ago ..
Using all my little bits of fabric and lace to make flowers.
I just glued them on with a glue gun.

Using Leftover Napkins..

Decoupaged Dressmakers Dummy using leftover napkins..

Decoupaged crates..

Unwanted crates saved from the skip...
Decoupaged and a few handles put on..
Perfect storage for my sewing room :)

Dog Window Seat

Poor Gabe was not a happy doggy when I put my new cabinets under my studio window yesterday..
He lost his favourite sitting place.
Last night I tore my bedroom apart so I could put a unit for him under the window...
Hes a happy doggy again..but im not so happy with the bedroom anymore...:/
Im afraid the Dog comes first..

Craft room Storage..

Im loving all my new storage cupboards in my sewing studio...
These big units are holding so much stuff its great..
Managed to empty out my bedroom/under my bed of big tubs of crafts and products.
 (Ive hurt my shoulder though...cant do what I used to anymore) :(

Goodbye Painted Floorboards!

I never thought I would see the day that I would be happy to get rid of my white painted floorboards.
After years of patching, filling, painting & cleaning hundreds of times...Im not to sad to see them go.
If you have a dog patterned floors are the way to go.
If I didnt have a dog I would definitely have white floors..plain tiles...
I cant see any dog hair or dirt!!!!

Ikea Cupboards

I installed these bad boys in my Studio today..But I think ive given myself tennis elbow..
Somewhere to store all my craft books that I collect.
Ooh a blank canvas...what to do with these babies..
Paint, decoupage, blackboard..some big colourful knobs on the front :)
I cant say that without laughing ...

Vinyl Tile off cuts

I hate all the wastage from cutting vinyl tiles.
I floored my hallway yesterday and used the tile off cuts and a bit of floor grout and adhesive to make a faux fire hearth.
I think it turned out quite well. :)

Rainbow Polka Dot Wall.

Thats me just getting around to decorating some of the damage after the flooding.
It happened in December!!!
Ive been so busy with the shop I really dont have any time to do anything any more.
This is my Studio window wall.

                                        Remember how it looked with the water damage..

                                                           Ive also put in a yellow floor...:

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)