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Rare Enamel Bread Bin

After a meeting today in the school regarding my son Dean I wandered past the thrift shops and this little (huge actually) beauty was there. I have been wanting an enamel Bread Tin for a long time after seeing one in my friend Toms house many moons ago.....yey I have one now and it is simply gorgeous. (much nicer than Toms hahaha). There is minimal damage to the enamel and it is so rare to find these beautiful vintage enamel blues in such good condition.


Follow the link below for more pictures on the bedroom revamp blog

Bedroom update

The walls and floor are all done. Had to move the furniture back in just now because the house was starting to look like paddys market!!!! This is the bit I love designing the bedroom but im not sure yet what I am going to do with it..will start on all the paneling soon...
follow the full bedroom design here I need a sewing space so will probably work on that next....

Bakelite Bush Radio

Oh I am rather fond of my latest find a Bush VHF61 Mid-1950s medium, long and VHF/FM receiver with magic eye tuning indicator, piano-key and manual selection and concentric controls. All Bakelite, with gold sprayed highlighting on surrounds.

Bedroom Fire Surround

I havent finished the fireplace. I am going to frame the inside with some MDF and make it look like wrought iron and chip off the plaster to reveal the brick work on the wall.
you can find the tutorial of the picture frame here... and a turorial of the firescreen here....
The fire surround was from Ebay. I mixed up some white emultion with a tint of black to give me this nice grey colour...I painted the fireplace with a coat of white first, then a coat of black and then I painted the top coat with my mix and then sanded back lightly.

The white room

I now have my blank canvas...time for some paneling...Im thinking the wall you can see to the right...full length panels...have to get ordering some timber...
Follow the bedroom revamp here

I made these shutters for the sitting room in my last house, had to saw about 10 inches off the top and re-frame them to fit the bedroom window. Not an enjoyable job at all...


I have been decorating the bedroom for over a week now. My tennis elbow is worse than ever :(. I have finally taken out the beige capet and ripped off the old anaglypta wallpaper. You are able to follow the full story of the revamp of the bedroom here.

Latest Finds

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can get you excited. Tis the case with a new typewriter I picked up today. Clipper Smith-Corona circa 1940s. This Art Grace Baret Ware container is more of as duck egg looks grey in the picture. Cannot find any information on baret ware but do know it dates back to the early 1900s.

Bar-Lock Typewriter No17 Circa 1925

Bar-Lock Typewriter No17n Circa 1925
Well what can I say except....EXCITED !! Look at this little Antiquated beauty..Its mine all mine. Gorgeous


Another few walls finished in the Hallway. You can find the complete blog on the hallway here

My New Treadle...

I got this Lamp Base from Dunellim mill and the ceiling shade from TKmax. I know it was meant for the ceiling but it just looked so perfect on this base they where made for each other. I wrapped a doily matt around the shade. A view from the living room into my hallway.

Car Bootylicious

What a busy wee bee I have been today, went to a car boot sale in Lindean today in the Scottish Borders and found myself one of my favourite Tea Tins Jacksons of Piccadily. I already own a small red one given to me by a good friend, so it was nice to find another in a larger scale. I am becoming an avid collector of Vintage Tins...I also got a nice plate rack and another wee vintage tin..

Nicky Snow Coasters

Picked up these lovely tins of Nicky Snow Coasters yesterday while out thrifting... Got both tins for under a few pounds and they are brand new ... They would have cost me £7.00 each if I had bought them online. I didnt want to use them as coasters so I built myself a Coat Rail with some left over cladding and some Coat Hooks from Ebay. I glued the coasters onto some mustardy yellow tiles I had left over from the hearth and stuck them above the Coat Hooks.. Not bad if I dont say so myself.