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Showing posts from February, 2014

Another Singer

I have been so busy at the moment with Jiggle Ma Wiggle Crafts...  I have completely neglected The Thrify Blog... Well as you all know from my previous posts I own quite a few Singers... my collection ranges from the 1920s hand wheel machines.. I acquired another one for my collection the other day.. A 1950s  201k..treadle not as Butch as my 1954 electric 201k but still a very sturdy machine... I mixed up some egg blue..with some grey and green and came up with this wonderful colour.

Todays Sewing

Its another really wet day here in Selkirk... Im trying to fill up my Etsy shop and over the past few weeks  I have been focusing on my purse section Todays Purses.

Chevron & Totem Wallets

What  a dreary day here today in the Scottish Borders... Cold wet,  just really dreek! My day has consisted of sewing... sewing......  and a bit more sewing. Todays Crafts

Todays Purses

The Etsy shop is doing quite well... But I am knackered! I have so many projects I want to do and cant, I am spending most of my time replacing stock. One cant complain though! Todays Purses