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Upcycled wardobe into Kitchen Cabinets

My old wardorbe was dissected and Upcycled into Kitchen Drawer fronts, and boxed storage. I mixed up my own chalk paints using white emultion some acrylics and plaster of paris. I recycled the wardrobe knobs too. I havent finished yet I still have to do the bunker and kickboard. The Kitchen when I moved in....


While in the process of getting my dinner set boxed up for me I had a wee rummage in the cutlery section in the thrift shop I found these really blackened knives I took them home gave them a scrub and AWWW arent they nice... and what was even nicer?? he gave me them free!!!!

Johnsons & Bro Indie Dinnerware Set

Johnson&Bros Indie Tableware 1980s

Got this gorgeous dinner set today from a second hand shop in Selkirk reduced from £70 to £29.00, It was advertised as a full dinner set but there are quite a few pieces missing but hey ho I still love it.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Heres a wee before picture of my very bland kitchen wall cabinet. I used the original doors to make the plate rack inside and distressed the full cabinet with black, grey and white paint. I put some vinyl tiles in the back and used the leftover vinyl tiles to make some mini bunting. I had some wood left from my panels in the hall so I made a shutter door for the plate rack.

Wall Cabinet Re-Funked

Remember the wall cabinet? , I wasnt going to paint it but im glad I did. I made the mini bunting from spare vinyl floor tiles I had left over from the Kitchen.

Ceiling Medallion

So pretty..Im painting it in plaster so it looks like the real thing, havent finished yet. I am going to add more mouldings around the outer circle to make a design on the ceiling.

Wall Cabinet

Got this wall cabinet today..Im trying not to paint everything white and it really is proving rather difficult...I cut up some vinyl tiles and inserted them into the door frames to brighten them doors up..think it needs some wooden mini bunting and some nice anthropologie door knobs.

Invicta Radio

Model 12 1950s

Candlestick Base and Vintage Tin

I found this candlestick base in a Selkirk Charity shop for £5 and done my usual splashed it in white paint and sanded lol.  Art Grace Baret Ware container  I love it.

Weathered Frame

So im trying to move away from white....OMG im finding it so hard, I just want to paint everything white I have just always loved the look. First was a frame I had found in the hawick Charity shop months ago. I wanted a more weathered look rather than Shabby chic.

A talking threads Illustration in one of my wee frames...

Patchwork Chair Update

Oh am awfy excited...will be receiving some fabric remnants tomorrow to add to my chair from the wonderful designer and illustrater of Talking Threads

Arco Picture frame

Found two of these dainty frames today. They were being used to display some quite awful embroidery. I wasnt keen on the Gold Gilded edging so I painted it in a nice Grey Homemade Chalk paint. The original print was behind the embroidery so I have left it in.

Patchwork Chair

In Progress I know its going to take a while, but to be honest with you Im finding it so theraputic...Im not just adding any fabric, Im going to add bits of scrap of my favourite fabrics in time. I am sewing the patches straight on to the chair the reason being I lack the sewing skills to make a new cover in patchwork  hahaha (I know you can Nic thats because you are soooooooo talented hahaha) I covered these parts first because they are so faded..