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Copper Copper everywhere!

I just cant decide on this one.. One minute I love it the next I dont... Ive decided to add a wee touch of really shiny copper in some shelf brackets... & a more muted copper in a photo frame...

The Jiggle Ma Wiggle Shed...

Ive worked so hard today.. Getting rid of lots of old furniture from my sheds.. I have organised, cleaned and scrubbed.... I am bloomin.....Knackered! Back Garden is all lovely and tidy... Planting a few fruit trees or 3 next....

Botanical touch..bedroom

A touch of the Botanics... Pretty... I am on the lookout for a new bed...well second hand :)

Garden 2017

All the work I have done in the garden over the past 5 years is really paying off... Its LUSH!!! I love it... I love my life!!!

Edwardian Chair.

I think this is an Edwardian chair with its tapered legs, rolled arms and rectangular back with no upholstery. But I am no expert and not completely sure! I picked it up for £15.00 I thought it would be perfect for a wee reading /crochet chair.

I just quickly wadded and covered it, I had some duck egg blue upholstery fabric in the cupboard.

Finished Rug.

I really enjoyed this project.. It cost around £8.00 ...( if that :) and it Didnt even take that long....
Cotton String Rug

Rug update

Ok im now onto the second part of my rug... attaching all the string tassels. Which has taken a good 8 hours. So far the rug has cost me around £5.00 This should take another few days at least to finish.. Theres just something very Boho about the way this wee project has turned out....

Rug update.

Pound store, cotton string, rug Update. ooh its getting bigger... Taking ages but getting there...