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Showing posts from March, 2013

Deans Canvas In Progress

I know it doesnt look much like Dean anymore so ive decided not to focus on the likeness so much and start being a little more adventurous with the mediums I am using. I havent finished it yet im just doing wee bits at a time.

Piano Stool

A before picture of my Piano Stool. Im going to reupholster this in an Aztec fabric and paint it a nice bright colour.

Ma Wee Dug

Right by my side....

Salter Weighing Scales

Salter Weighing Scales LOVE...what more can I say.....Oh another vintage find...

My Finished Canvas...

So I thought I was finished with my canvas, but I just couldnt contain myself when I got some new paints delivered today...Have I ruined the canvas by adding paint? Im not sure

Deer Head

Check out my new Deer head...I love was just meant for this mirror...It cost me £30 its from a company called Miho...I love the French.x

Eclectic Mirror Frame

Decide to do a spring clean yesterday, particularly in all of my ever growing storage boxes that hold old magazines in them..Could I throw them out? eh no...had to look through every single page of the thousands of magazines just in case there was a particuliar picture I liked or could use on something... I hear O.C.D screaming at me!!!! I covered  my mirror and at the same time had a Spring clean....Multitasking is my second name....

Remember The UGLY ASS FIRE !!!

Ugly Ass 10 months later...

The firescreen I inherited from a friend it was shiny brass, I just gave it a coat of paint. I decorated the Hearth in broken tiles for an easy wipe clean.

Primitive Coal Scuttle

Another lovely find...I found it a bit worse for wear ..some nuts and bolts, a good scrub, a good sanding and a lashing of tung oil it turned out rather nice. Vintage Coal Scuttle

Knitting Machine

I am seriously out of my depth here...havent got a Scooby Doo Poo on how to use this...I so want to know how to use this little beaut but when it comes to reading and learning I am so lazy...I am more of a visual person would rather someone just showed me...The case is gorgeous, so is the actual knitting machine, the colour  of the case is Duck Egg Green and the machine is Duck Egg Green with Gold. My Own Vintage Double Bed Knitting Machine