Honey Bee love...

I designed these over the weekend
My son having me search for the best tasting honey last week!! 
TKmaxx won :)

Large recycled Glass Vase.

It feels so wrong..yet so right!!!!!!
I just had to go and buy the large recycled glass vase after loving my small one so much...
Its not like theres not enough Eucalyptus to go around...
 I have a Eucalyptus tree...

Back to Nature Bookmarks.

My lovely collection of back to nature bookmarks.
All PVC-Free vinyl. :)

Recycled Glass Vase.

I have this gorgeous Eucalyptus tree in my garden planted by myself may I add. :)
It gives me lush leaves all year round.
Eucalyptus leaves make a gorgeous display on those shelves that dont get any light..
Im not a big fan of fake plants so this is the ideal solution for me.
So I was on the hunt for some recycled glass vases..
Fell in love with these from
Even better managed to get the small vase in the sale and a further 5% discount for joining the email list. £5.50 odds...BARGAIN!!

Very pretty Vegan Bookmarks.

Its only 11.43 am and ive already made these gorgeous bookmarks with gold trim.
PVC-Free, Vegan bookmarks.

Mudcloth Victorian Travel Desk.

I loved this litte thing as soon as I set eyes on it.
It was £8.00 from the local antique shop...Bargain!!!
Perfect for holding my laptop in bed :)

The She Cave...

It doesnt look like this at the moment...The bunting is off..mIldew is covering the decking..My sign is all weathered and beaten!!!
It did look like this at one time lol...

Some more Travel tags..

Im sick of looking at these now!!
I think im made enough of these for the stall though..
Bookmark time :)


Todays sewing... Some custom orders in Boho & iKat :)

This weeks favourite makes :)

Custom Orders.

Todays sewing... Some custom orders in Boho & iKat :)

Colourful Pin Cushion..

I dont make myself anything very often...
But I really do love this print.
I made myself quite a large Hanging Pin Cushion..
May make some mini ones for the shop...

Small Pine Dresser

This was such a dinky little thing..
Small pine dresser sanded down, chalk painted and plaster detailing.

Colourful Crochet

Some of the more colourful pieces I have crocheted over the years :)

Neutral Crochet

Some neutral pieces I have crocheted over the years.. :)

Rope and plaster panels.

I Glued on the rope with PVA..
I put a few staples in it to keep it in place until the glue had dried.
I bought one mold from ebay and made a cast of it for the the other molds.

Ercol Welsh Dresser

Second-hand Ercol Dresser.
Over time I realised my welsh dresser shelved top just gathered dust it really wasnt that useful.
Not in my Kitchen anway.
I used the top in another room.(at my sewing machine for smaller bits n bobs)
I put a base on the sideboard to lift it to the same height as my Kitchen worktops.
It stores all my plates  :)

Todays Sewing..

Arent these fab!!!
If I do say so myself :)

Bathroom Storage

I found this in the Hawick charity shops.
Im sure it was under £15.00
A wee paint and some new knobs...
Great bathroom storage..
Yes I have a typewriter in the bathroom :)

Plaster of paris wall stencils.

I really do love working with plaster.
A wee touch of Art Nouveau plaster around my Nouveau Mirror.
Some Highlights of plaster around the band of the Ceiling..

Fire surround in the making.

A wee before and after...
I found the fire surround on Gumtree.
This was hard work but well worth it :)


Another piece of really cheap furniture...
Got this for £11.00 and im so glad I bought it..
It is such a great piece of furniture..
Has a small hanging space for shirts ..
Painted with some homemade chalk paint and plaster detailing :)

Alice Chair

I made this one about 6 years ago!!!
My how time flies....

Selkirk Farmers Market.

Im going to be working on stock for the Market for the next month...
heres some more Keyrings...PVC-Free :)

Paper Tiles & Paper Hearth

The paper tiles up and down the side of the fire are about 5 years old and they are still going strong.
The decoupaged hearth is around 2 years old and has some burn marks but that was to be expected.
It still looks good though.

3rd Time round...

This little guy has been around the block..:)
He now lives under my Desk Legless!!!

5 drawer Chest.

Another little beauty saved from the dump..
All he needed was a new leg..
& A wee bit of TLC...
Some homemade chalk paint and a mix of leftover drawer knobs.
My bedside cabinet...

Plant pot covers.

Gather your materials...
Paper or fabric.
Varnish (I use a water based Varnish with everything)
Scissors & whatever you are covering.

Plaster detail Sideboard.

Working with plaster is amazing..
Its got to be one of my most favourite things to play around in...
You can create wonderful designs..
Charity shop sideboard...£40.00
I think this piece would have been worth a few bob If I hadnt painted it. :) I dont care lol..
I love it..

Colourful Chalk Painted Furniture.

Some of my pieces I have chalk painted over the last year or so.
Ive also added plaster detailing to some of the pieces.

Craft Table Runner.

I dont usually do craft fairs.
I think this one is a wee bit special.
Selkirk has been getting a well needed facelift and they have completely redone the market square.
There is now a new craft market opening up and I will be attending the opening day.
Which is actually pretty exciting!!!

Selkirk Farmers Market.
So at the moment im juggling orders, stock and trying to work out craft stall display..its all hard work, my hat off to anyone who has a stall full time.

Here is my Table runner 2nd Attempt
I think it tells the customer exactly what Jiggle MaWiggle is...

Scrap Paper Bunting

I have lots of sheets of beautiful scrap prints left over from projects..I never throw them away I keep them in a drawer for something like this...

D.I.Y Corner fireplace and wall.

                                                          Ok so I wouldnt lean on it.....

Decoupage D.I.Y Paper tiles.

I printed off pictures of Victorian tiles using matt photo paper.
I just measured the tiles and recreated the same size print.
I painted over my exsisting tiles with matt emulsion (latex paint)
I cut out the tiles and P.V.Ad them (white school glue).
Once I had gently flattened them I left them to dry.
I went over the tiles with a water based varnish (about 3 times).

Scrap Papers Mini Bunting.

I work with a lot of paper and always have a ton of scraps.
These mini buntings are great way to use up all the scraps...

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)