I have been so busy for so long now my little house has been thoroughly neglected...
I have some time at the moment so it will be nice to be able to get things back in order and maybe even do a bit of painting!!!

Somethings old, somethings new, lots of upcycled my humble loo!!!
I sanded and repainted the floor.
Installed a new backsplash behind the sink with some leftover beadboard.
Added a wee shelf above the window.
Replaced the bathroom cabinet with another I had in the shed.
Lots and lots and lots of sanding!!
Im just waiting on a wall magazine rack :)

Next job will be to paint the basin and bath taps.

I have gas central heating getting put in on Wednesday..
Absolutely dreading it..My floors are getting ripped up :(

I took down my bathroom outer shower curtain about 5 months ago and today I actually got to put it back up ..
that's how busy life has been!!!

I found this orange pine cupoboard in Hawich Charity shop...
I thought this would be perfect for the Lavvy Storage...

And now.....
A few coats of chalk paint...
Fill the old knob holes..(sounds so rude)
Drill some new ones.. 

I seen this and fell  in love !!!!

OOh its been such a long time since I seen a beautiful shower curtain....
I just needed this so much.....:)
I got it for £10.00 in Urban Outfitters..
Absolute Bargain :)


Fresh Lavender...makes the bathroom smell gorgeous!


My Bathroom is so tiny I have to take a few pics to capture it!
I fund this cabinet in a skip...
I painted it and used left over vinyl floor tiles for the door inserts.
Still to add handles, and a nice anthropologie hand towel (in ma dreams)

The antique chair a friend gave me a few years back and I found this gorgeous turquoise tweed in the charity shop.

I decoupaged the drawer fronts a few years ago now!

I painted this sugar skull for my teenage son then stole it back and put it in a frame I found in the charity shop. hehe...

The Bathroom Drawers
Label Frames

I wasn't that keen on the colours I painted the drawers, they are a work in progress. Im starting to like them a bit more now!! I have tried to stick to greys, reds and turquoise and used Navajo, chevron, monochrome and Ikat prints. (all my favourites at the mo)

Thats me finally started on the bathroom...for the second time around (chortle)
 .Recycled an old bedside table into an undersink unit.

Pulled off the tiles behind the sink and replaced them with some bullnose cladding.
I used some leftover vinyl tiles and cut them into some mini bunting.

I painted a beautiful old mirror I got from a charity shop dove grey.

Used my cake stand as a soap stand

And another pic lol

 My mum got me this wee soap in a second hand shop and I picked up the Crabtree and Evelyn dish for pennies...

I dont know how I actually came about doing a sewing themed Loo... I wanted to try and recycle as much as I possibly could when I moved into the new house so I just went about that day gathering what I could.. ...This is when I find myself at my most creative....

I reclaimed some old wood from the garden when I moved into the house in april, I knew it would come in handy...(thats the hoarder in me) , so I made some rustic shelving with it, and used plenty of tung oil....

I had gathered some sewing patterns at the thrift shops that I knew one day would come in handy (again the hoarder in me), so decided this was going to be my wallpaper in the bathroom (I know what your thinking...sewing patterns in a loo!!!, what can I say... eccentric lol!!!!

Second layer of de-coupage.

Funked up the old white tiles with some prints and paper doilles.

I had been searching for days for a nice loo roll holder and apart from not seeing anything that I really liked they were so expensive...I had this wee brainstorm about the loo roll holder about 2 in the morning lol...(something old, something new, something recycled for the loo hehe). My wee boy Dean gave me a bit of driftwood that he had carved and kept for years in his room and I made this into my loo roll holder lol!!!

My lush shower curtain came i so love it!!! Its got to be the prettiest thing I have seen in a long time!!!

Curtain shower hooks.

Vanity Unit...

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)