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Kirsty Allsopp

Aw Im so proud...Kirtsy Allsopps team contacted me to see if I could take part in there handmade fair..

Kirstie Allsopp's The Handmade Fair

Hi Sharon, I hope you’re well?
I am writing from the team behind Kirstie Allsopp’s The Handmade Fair as we are really impressed by your products and feel you would be the perfect exhibitor for our Shopping Village.

The Handmade Fair will take place on The Green of Hampton Court Palace on the 16th – 18th September 2016. This three day event is designed to get people making, shopping and learning and we work hard to create an exciting and influential line up each year.

The Shopping Village comprises of two large marquees full of the most beautiful suppliers, designers and makers selling handmade products, kits and materials. I think yours is the perfect brand to have at the show with our visitors in mind.

Our fair differs from other shows as we encourage our visitors to try their hand at something new, in fact all but one of our tic…

Art Nouveau Mirror and Stencils...

My beautiful Art Nouveau Mirror.. This one I  bought last year from my local antique shop in Selkirk.. It only cost £30...Bargain.. I added some Nouveau plaster stencils :)

Bedroom update..

Polystyrene coving and ceiling medallion.. Oh my.. did I absolutely balls up these Jobs.... There isnt one bit of this job that im happy with... The good thing is.. When I do the Hallway it will be perfect because I have learned from my mistakes :/
You cant see all the coving and medallion... But trust me its rough!!!

Ive had madge for years....

Looks lovely from the hallway...

 The plaster stencils are about the only thing im happy with! They turned out perfect...

My chandeliers electrics are needing redone.. So I just popped in some oven bake clay to hold the candles in place..

 Found this gorgeous French Brass Vanity Mirror in Hislops second hand shp yesterday...

 Found this wee stick beauty years ago in the charity shops...

Plaster Stencil

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom has been a nightmare... Everything I liked cost an absolute fortune.. Anyway I wasnt willing to pay the prices... I decided on a no cost plaster wallpaper of my own... Everything needed here I own in my Jiggle Ma Wiggle Studio Shed :/ Plaster..Stencils, Masking Tape. Im not sure Im finished yet.. May add some more!!!

Im still in the Kitchen..

Since I bought my light box wall light I have been doing wee bits to the Kitchen.. I never realised how neglected the Kitchen had become.. I had taken off my pelmet jester bunting a while ago... I Still hadnt replaced it with anything moths later !!!!! I didnt want to hide any of the view I have..  My ideas were.. open shutters.. lots of hanging plants... another pelmet.... or a top shelf...

Light Box Lamp

I fell in love as soon as I seen this... Perfect little shelf lamp... Or it may change tomorrow.. into a perfect little wall light ..

Pure Mineral Oil

I have been oiling my oak worktops with vegetable oil, olive oil, chilli oil lol/ I read online that mineral oil is whats used on chopping boards, prep surfaces. The other oils dried up quite quickly leaving a really dull oak surface...  so we will see.... I thought I would take a wee picture or 3 of my kitchen unit all tidy and oiled :)

folky Duvet Cover

I found this gorgeous duvet cover in the charity shop yesterday in Hawick... It was £4.00.. Inspiration strikes... This is my new colour inspiration for the bedroom updo! Dont look at anything else nothing goes at the moment!