Vintage Tablecloth

I bought this Tablecloth in Gorgie in the summer time last year. It has been stored away so I thought I would put it to some use. I needed some privacy because of the the large window in the kitchen door. Im not really a curtain fan but I do like the cafĂ© style curtains so I quickly cut and sewed the tablecloth. Stole some bamboo sticks from the garden and cut them to size to use for rods.

Front Door

I would love to have got an old door from the reclamation yard but me getting to one just aint gonni happen!!! Here is a pic from google maps of my door
Is it not just god awful !!!!
I decided to paint it, I still have to replace the door accessories and hang a natural wreath on it which I think will look quite nice...


Low maintenance....that's what I wanted in a Tablecloth..Every time I had visitors or cooked in the kitchen I would spill something over it. It spent more time in the machine than on the table. I could have made two and swapped while one was washing but I couldn't be bothered!!! Decoupage and several layers of varnish was the answer.

Ikat Tile Transfer

First there was floral then Aztec/Navajo  ..then  monochrome, chevron and now my latest favourite Ikat..I used all of these designs together in my bathroom drawers (well one drawer lol). My kitchen is hosting my favourite colours at the mo which is yellow and different shades of I decided to make some tile transfers in my favourite colours and my favourite print to date 

Bathroom Drawers

I wasn't that keen on the colours I painted the drawers, they are a work in progress. Im starting to like them a bit more now!! I have tried to stick to greys, reds and turquoise and used Navajo, chevron, monochrome and Ikat prints. (all my favourites at the mo)

 Incase you didn't know what they looked like when I bought them second hand...

Crosley Record Player

A few years back I spotted these gorgeous Crosley record players in Urban Outfitters...I finally own one WHOOP WHOOP!...I have a thing for Black and White so I got the executive...Finding it very hard to contain myself at the mo....



Scottish Slang for Flowers....Floo'ers...A wee pic of my Floo'ers I got in the reduced section in Tesco...5p...Canny Complain at that...they are braw!!!!

Lighting For Display Cabinet

Fairy lights to the rescue...I dont think you can ever own enough fairy lights...fill up some old jars!! I filled a wee ornamental house with some and it looks really pretty!!





Kitchen Display Cabinet

Found this on Gumtree the other day it cost me £20.00, unbeknownst to me it was a cheap nasty paper oak veneer which I only noticed when the person delivered it..(I am a serial people pleaser and I couldn't say NO I DONT WANT IT!!!) I mixed up some of my own chalk paints and went on an extremely long painting journey...


Bathroom Drawers

I have been looking for a piece of furniture for the bathroom for a wee while noo !!! Anyways found this set of drawers in the charity shop the other day. Its quite narrow but tall and exactly what I was looking for to store all my tired old towels and loo rolls lol..
I am loving Turquoise and Grey just now...


Wall update

Its taking me a long time to source or make things that I love to hang on the feature wall in the living area...I found a lovely painting today in a charity shop the Artist D.H Berger..

Trunk Side Table

Heres my trunk I posted about earlier today...I am eventually going to put feet on it but I haven't decided what kind yet...Im thinking big wheels!!!


Army Trunk

Got this little stoater old army trunk with all its bumps and scratches telling a story of the life it once travelled..I wish sometimes inanimate objects like this had some kind of memory card installed....what as story it would be!!! 


Our beloved wee Sabbath passed away this morning only age 9...lots of tears...he will be missed.x

Singer Dining Table

I found these singer table legs a few months back in the skip....they are now my kitchen table legs!!!

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)