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White Painted Floors

The pine floors look good in the pics.. If they had looked this good in real I wouldnt have painted them...

 I painted the floor in three sections.. This way I didnt have to empty the living room.. I just shuffled the furniture back and forth.. I placed dust sheets under the furniture.. So I could pull the furniture back and forth with ease and without scraping the newly painted floor.
 I love the white.. But not so good with a dog who casts black hair.. I must admit its a nightmare with him!

Vintage Tin Bath From Stow

Vintage Adult Tin Bath... Given to me by a lovely couple from Stow .. Thank you Elizabeth & George :)
My plastic pond was leaking ... Obviously why it was in the skip in the first place lol!..  so this tin bath was just a perfect replacement..

I collected the slate from the local park.. I carried a bit back home each time I walked the dog...

Polka Dot wall update..

I have finally finished the polka dot wall... Its only took 2 weeks lol!.. Excuse my Router on the shelf... Im not allowed to touch it or a war breaks out with the Teen!

 I added a wee touch of embroidered floral to my painting of Dean...

Hallway Floor Update..

I am loving the new white washed floor.. I have applied a good 3 to 4 coats of non yellowing varnish over the chalk paint... I lightly sanded the floor after the 3rd coat...
 I think it looks much better than the pine.. You cant see the floor properly in the pics it really has a nice washed effect... Nice knots and grain showing through ever so lightly...

Chalk Paint Floor White washed

I sanded the hallway and living room around 4 years ago when I first moved into the property..
The colour was light pine and it looked beautiful.. I decide on an oil top coat, which turned the living room floor orange! The hallway I stained with tea and coffee and then varnished and this turned out a much nicer colour..
But over the years they have both became a deeper and deeper orange...
Both look like they have been Tangoed! I bit the bullet 3 days ago and made up a Chalk Paint mixture.....
I used Calcium Carbonate..
I put this job off for so long because it was such hard work sanding the floors.. But really when I look back I never did like the pine floorboards..  The orange throws off the rest of the colour scheme...  The pine looks better in the photo than it did in real... At first I was going to do pure white floors.. Instead I rubbed off some of the paint with a wet rag.. Then went over it again with a damp paint roller... I done this a few times.. Rubbing at some of the ni…

Polka Dot Wall

I do like a polka dot... You can actually buy beautiful polka dot graham and brown wallpaper .. I just bought some sticky vinyl dots, which cost about £6.00 but I only needed half of them.. This way when im bored of them I can just peel them off..  and it took about 10 minutes to do...

Faux Painted Rug

A faux painted rug or a full floor stencil is the dilemia... I originally started off thinking I would do a mandala kind of rug!! Then I thought a repeat pattern all over would be nice too... This is the problem...I havent thought this one through...  And I was tired when I started it... A wee tip... Think things through .. and dont start a job when your tired.

I could just finish off with a border and make it a faux rug..

Retro Baby Bunting

My cousin has just had a beautiful baby girl called Frankie... Dont you just love the name... I have made the wee one some shelf bunting.. Retro shelf bunting... I dont do girly lol!!!

1900s Singer

Another Singer to add to my huge collection.... This one is by far my favourite.. Housed in a beautiful mahogony coffin case. It has a marking Patented 1886.. Yet the P225047 serial number dates it 1900s.. BEAUTIFUL!

                                          I also found a teeny weeny thimble in the drawer.