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60s/70s Vibe

I found the perfect place for my Record Player to sit. I forgot I had this wee English Oak Carved Tea Trolley and I think they are both from around the same era, circa 1970s me thinks.... Went out with my wee boy secondhand shopping for some Vinyl and we picked our first bit of Vinyl together....

80s Chandelier

Another rescue from the skip I fell in love with this instantly, as to be expected with 'modern' Marie Therese chandeliers, the arms are clad in perspex but all other dressing is lead crystal.

60/70s Record Player

What a find...I love it...saved from the recycling unit in Galashiels...A vintage HMV 1960s/1970s portable record player... Here it is in all its glory.... and later with a bit of paint and fabric decoupage..
and another view....

Hair Rollers

Im just luvin rollers hahaha....

Ruffle Purse

Ruffle Purse

Upcycled doile

Made from a doile and my sons school trousers.......

Purses for 2013

Ok so ive started my stock purses for my 2013 upcoming events. I dont think I will be laminating the fabrics after feels too much like a crisp packet ....

New Stock

I am so bored with my wedge purses. I got the paper and scissors out tonight and designed myself a new purses for 2013...I really like the shape.. This is just a sample using my sons old school trousers ...(im not kidding). Im getting some new fabrics next week and im going to start on some new stock. still to work out how to put the lining in..

Me & My Baby

Gabe &  I

His & Hers phone socks..

His & Hers