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Showing posts from May, 2014

Handmade Laminated Batik Tile Transfers

I fancy another change in the Kitchen... Im really liking the Batik wall tiles but they are far too costly for me.. Ive printed some patterns on to printing paper and then laminated both sides before gluing them onto the original white tiles... If I didn't laminate both sides the ink would bleed  through the back of the print..... Im not sure that this pattern is a keeper. Ive only done a few tiles...  ill leave them on for a few days before I make the decision to do the full wall..

Jam Jar Vase

I have been painting like a mad woman today... I don't know what has came over me!!!!  After I had painted I got the notion to place fresh Garden flowers... Could I find A Vase!!! Eh realised the only Pitcher Vase I own Is used for Kitchen Utensils... I decided on Jam Jars...I did Try A Vintage Tea urn but it leaked lol!

Geisha Print

I found this lovely ornate frame in a charity shop in Galashiels last year for £5.00. Its been gathering dust for a wee while now, but not anymore.  I found this awesome print of a smoking Geisha... I laminated the print so it wouldn't fade with the sunlight and so that I could give it a clean when needed... It looks gorgeous on my Hallway wall...