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Vintage Circa 1950s Walnut Cocktail Cabinet

Drinks cabinet / cocktail cabinet with carved detail...  lovely walnut doors..  opening to reveal a mirrored back drinks cabinet and two glass shelves, and a pull out slide...
 Two drawers...,and a lovely carved skirt at the front and sides...  all supported by carved Queen Anne style legs.... 
A tad pricey for me but I fell in love..... but lets not talk about money! 
First I had to rip out all the mirror and glass internals and devalue it in just under 30 minutes :)  Some homemade pink chalk paint and handmade wool tassels!

and now its priceless! hehehe

Buffet Sideboard Placement

This post is actually for my Mum! I told her I had moved the Buffet Sideboard to another Wall lol..  for you Mum.x

Full length Slim Shelf

I love wood! I dont waste any ever! Ive even used wood from the garden to make bathroom shelving. I made this shelf from the left over wood from my living room panels...  I ran it full length to show some of my nik naks!

Wall Panel Tutorial

Wall panel Tutorial for the wall behind my new revamped Buffet Sideboard.
Finished (still have a few things to put on the wall)

I bought some redwood planed timber standard 16 x 75mm... Thats roughly 3 Inches wide x  0.5 Thick. I bought 6 pieces and it cost £27.00 , I only needed 3 pieces.

   All you need is a saw, measuring tape, panel pins and some PVA (optional). I drew on the wall directly where I wanted the batons to go. Not a very good pic lol..
It took me around 40 minutes.. To measure, saw and pin the batons. so quick and easy because I had drawn up the design before hand.

Next you need decorators caulk, oil based paint, emulsion and satinwood to finish. I fill in all the gaps and go around every join with the decorators caulk. I leave that to dry overnight .  I go over all the panel pins with an oil based paint to stop them from rusting. I emulsion twice and satinwood twice and heres the finish. :)

Navy Sideboard/Living Room Revamp

First things first...Getting rid of all my IKEA units.. Ikea units are fab....especially for storage...  but  there are just to many gorgeous antique pieces of furniture out there.. with beautiful curves and details and workmanship! Gathering dust in charity shops and selling for next to nothing!
Heres a pic of the units I have got rid of and the space im going to decorate next :) I have donated these units to my little brother who has just moved home. :) 

Heres the piece which is going to take its place.  Found this in a local charity shop for £40.00 Its worth a hell of a lot more! (unpainted lol)

Heres its all painted and decorated in a beautiful navy paint.
I will be doing a wall panel tutorial of behind the Sideboard next time :)