My New Rug

OOh I do love a stripe !!!


Dolly Peg Rail Finds A Home

Here it is all distressed finished and put up on the wall....I do like my wee peg rail and I found it so therapeutic making it...really cheered me up yesterday..


Dolly Peg Rail

Bought some cheap dolly pegs, used some leftover wood from my panels...drilled some holes, sawed the dolly pegs and shoved them in lol....easy peasy....
A wee bit of decoupage....


Handmade Cushion

I got this Grey fabric remnant yesterday in the Hawick Charity Shop. Im introducing a lot of Grey, Black and white into the living area but I still want to keep lots of colour..
So I made this wee cushion..

Mums The Best

My wee mum came over to stay...instead of relaxing she decorated one of my bedroom walls for me....Thank you

Really Old Jug

Got this in a Hawick charity shop today ....It goes perfect with my living room colour scheme...its so old...

Dressing Table Set

The comb is missing...but I had to get it, it was so pretty....£3.00...

Not Just For Christmas !!!

I have been after The Nutcracker for years.....I found him in Hawick today he cost me £42.00 but I love him so much!!!

Fairy lights

I found some jars in the cupboard...
I shoved some fairy lights in them and printed off a couple of labels then placed some ribbons around there necks...
They make really pretty wee lamps...

Rhubarb Pie !!!

My neighbour just told me she has rhubarb in her garden and to help myself...
Oooh lovely
just in time for mum coming tomorrow....
better get my apron on...

Visit from Mum

I just cant help myself taking pics every time I clean hahahaha...OCD...
My wee Mum is visiting tomorrow I haven't seen her in 6 months !!!
I picked some fresh weeds from the garden for her ...


One Woman an Old Wardrobe and a Saw

Exactly what the title says lol.....the things you can achieve when you are as poor as a church mouse....

Random House Pictures

 Mini Trunks My Mum Bought Me
Cups From The Charity Shop
My 1920s Singer Sewing Machine
Old Knives from the charity shop
My Retro Telephone
Kitchen Cupboard

The Awfy Big Handle

I put this right beside the toilet....its huge...I thought it would be handy when one of  those bad cases of hangover sickness arise..somewhere to hang from instead of just grabbing the bowl (chuckle chuckle) and it would be extremely useful if I ever have an old person use my loo!!! actually I thought it was beautiful and I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it !!!

More Bathrroom Pics

Hehehehehe I just cant help myself..
Cake stand/Soap stand

A wee bit of Cath Kidston....

And another pic lol


Refunking The Bathroom

I recycled an old bedside cabinet into an undersink cupboard.
I Pulled off the old tiles and replaced them with bullnose wood.

 Used some leftover vinyl tiles for the bunting and painted a fabulous mirror I found in a charity shop dove grey.

New Plate

I do love when I find a new plate for my has took me years just to source a few plates. I dont have them displayed all together...they are dotted sporadically all over the house.

Bar-Lock Typewriter

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh I love, love love......

Decorating Hand Towels

This fabric is a tad dated... I couldnt find any recent pictures of my latest towels. Its so easy...just sew on a border of your fave fabric onto the towel....easy peasy lemon squeezy!

The Ever Changing Mirror Frame

I spent a lot of money on this frame about 8 years ago it was just a plain rough sawn jacobean oak frame... thats long before I was aware that I could have made it myself. I t cost me around £200 ....OMG I would never spend that on anything for the house anymore what was I thinking...anyways...its been through a few changes since then...

For the decoupage I used a Cath kidston duvet cover I got in a charity shop...
next was some magazine pages...
and how it looks now in my living room..

Patchwork Cushions

Just a few of the quilted patchwork cushions I have made over the years...and they are still going strong even after loads of washes...

Decoupage Letter Rack

I got this wooden letter rack from a charity shop in Edinburgh years ago....I painted it white and decoupaged with some napkins.


Personalised cushion

A cushion I made for a  wee boy with a colourful personality a few years back...he still has it...


Embroidery Ring Frames

I got these Embroidery rings from the charity shop for buttons....I used them to display some of my favourite left over fabrics...although the fabrics are a bit dated now this pic is 2 years old...

Decoupage Dressmakers Dummy

This is an old one but I still love her to this day....Her name is Madge The Radge (chortle)
I found the napkins in sainsburys I also decoupaged the necklace with the same print.

Decoupage Necklace

I decoupoaged this a while back. I found some beautiful napkins in sainsburys..nearly everything in my house at the time was covered in this print (chuckle)

Random Picture.. Hallway

When I get bored I go about the house taking random pictures...I love all the colours and the patterns in my home, I never get bored with them.


I used an old pair of slippers for a template...these were actually really easy to make and better quality than the store made ones...they arent dog proof though !!!!! :( 

Pill tins Into Drawer Knobs

I got a few of these pretty little pill tins from the bargain store a couple of years back. I opened the lid put a screw through the inside and glued the lid back on. These have really made a really boring shoe cupboard into something rather unique.

Crochet Bath Mat

Made this little bathroom mat for myself last year. Once I had finished the crochet I sticthed it on to a really tough wearing backing canvas. It really has held up over the year and the best thing of all is it can just be bunged into the washing machine after each use.


Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)