Bedroom Redo..

So Ive finally got the men in to fix the damp wall..
They had to knock the plaster off on one wall..
Replace the damp proof membrane and re-plaster...
What a mess..
So I have had to give the bedroom a wee makeover..:)
Not a full one just a wee one..
I finally paneled the bedroom wall.

This is not the wall that had the dampness..Ive still to paint that one!!!

My chest of drawers was looking rather shabby..
I replaced it with a chifforobe I had bought from the auction last year for...
Supposedly no-one wants brown furniture!!!

 and heres a wee sneak preview...
Check out those knobs!

Carnival Ticket Wall Sign..

I have no patience whatsoever !
I am actually annoying myself !
This was such a good project..
or should I say would have been if..
my lack of patience didnt make it so difficult..
Paint everywhere because it was still wet..
while I was trying to glue bits on wet paint... 
Ive decided I really am going to work on myself with this..
Anyway rant over here it is...

Unfinished wall display...

Painted Fireguard..

Here ye go mum (and anyone else whos on my blog)...a pic of the painted fireguard...:)

Garden Signage

I made these Garden signs a few weeks ago using laminated card stock..
Laminated 4 times over...
I finally got around to making some wood ones...
Quite happy with the results..:)

Playing Card Wall Art

Im really not sure about this one...
This is my second attempt ...
It might even end up in the bin!

Giant Ruler..

My inspiration for this large wall hanging...
 was my Vintage Singer Skirt Marker Ruler...

 It was originally going to be stained wood..
but I didnt like the colours of the stain they looked like orange pine..
so I painted it white..
If in doubt...
Paint it white!

Wood Arrrow Sign

I enjoyed making this soooooooooo much!
 The house and garden are going to be filled with wood signs :)
This is only my first attempt, so I'm sure they will only get better with time and experience..

New Logo

I am so super duper proud of myself !
For such a long time I have been wanting to design my own logo..
After nearly 2 days of sweat, tears and pure and utter joy..
 heres what I have come up with...
I have so many ideas now..
Excited!,Inspired... I cant contain myself...


Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)