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Quality Control

I have been slightly obsessed....understatement!!! with the quality of my products since I opened my Etsy shop.. I was worried my lovely ink printed bags would stain if they were to come in to contact with water After a lot of faffing and yards of fabric in the bin... I decided on a vinyl coating for my products... quite expensive to do but I think its worth sending out a good quality product.. Splash Away

Doily love

Did you know.... A Doily or Doilie was originally the name of a fabric made by Doiley a 17th century London draper... How interesting..don't you just love Wiki.. Anyways heres some I collected in the charity shops earlier in the year..

Baby Wipe Cases

Well I don't know about you but I just cant live without baby wipes !!! I use them for everything... from cleaning up spillages to wiping my welly boots down... Oh and most importantly my doors and skirting boards sparkle with them lol I also just buy the cheap ones so I think this is a fab idea to cover up that im a cheap skate I mean thrifty!!
These cases hold the large packs of baby wipes.
They can also be used as make-up/cosmetic bags.
Ive made it with some natural coloured Japanese linen with a lovely patchwork base. The case is also fully lined.
its measurements are
9" x 5 1/2" and 2" deep

Slouchy Bag

Lovely Japanese linen and floral slouchy storage bag.

you could use this really spacious bag for all kinds of storage.
cosmetics, hairbrushes, hairspray..  , the list goes on.

measures 7x10 inches
with a 2 1/2 inch gusset
matching Japanese linen interior.

Hanging Storage

Ive really got a thing about hanging storage just now !!!! I just cant get enough of it .... new cosmetic hanging bag range... well actually these are quite roomy bags... you could use them to store whatever you wanted ...

Industrial Rustic Jar cover Hanging Storage

...recycle your old  jars ..
....and if you don't recycle just use a drinking glass instead.... 
You can find these In my Etsy shop at £6.00 free p&p

Fold over Clutch

My design for today is the fold over Clutch Bag/Purse... £15.00 In My Etsy Shop.. Fashionable but practical. The perfect accessory to carry all your bits.. This clutch can be worn out for the evening or dressed down with jeans

First Sale !!!!

Oh My!!! I am fairly chuffed with myself.. I made my very first sale In my Etsy shop... It really does make you want to craft more!! I made this matching cosmetic pouch and purse gift set today... Available on Etsy... Mauve Floral & Gold Accents Gift Set £15.00 free p&p

Queen Bee Purse

I think this little coin/card purse is adorable... Its available to buy on Etsy

Rustic Bunting

My fireplace was looking a tad boring...  I have tons of hessian lying around in the craft cupboard...  so I made some bunting for myself.. another exciting Saturday night at the jigglemawiggle household...

The French Hare

Nearly had a couple of heart attacks over the past few days... My 201k singer sewing machine decided to start playing up.. The under stitch was all bumfling up (not the technical term haha) Finally after lots of prodding and pulling even a mechanical belt change from another singer... I decided to go back to the basics and change the thread... can you believe it... it was the THREAD!!! more stock Two Toned French Hare Coin/Credit Card Purse Two Toned Feather Design Jug: Glass or jar cover/storage pouch


Hanging Jar Covers.. More Designs on Etsy..

New Stock

Here is some of my new stock.. Jar Jugs...

Gallivanting in Galashiels

Another wee day out today gallivanting round the charity shops in Galashiels.. Im always on the lookout to add some nice prints and frames to my hall Gallery wall.. Wish they were all real oil paintings hahaha...I can dream... Wedded 1882 by Frederick Leighton Leader of Victorian classical painting, Frederick Leighton (1830 – 1896) created historical and mythological scenes influenced by the Nazarenes and the Italian Renaissance.
Thought I had hit the jackpot when I spotted this oil painting signed Cantrell...then I read this on the internet ....  It is important that you realize most of the Cantrell paintings on the market are not by John William Cantrell, but decorative paintings done several decades after his death. These paintings were produced in southeast Asia and sold through furniture stores and MLM home parties in the 60's and 70's. Note the lack of age or patina on the canvases and stretcher bars, plus the newer frames. They were painted using acrylic, a faster dr…

Vintage Engineers Tool Box

Im not sure what im going to use this little cabinet for. craft storage? kitchen cutlery? jewellery? Have to give it a revamp first...its not in very good condition...
 I decided on using it to store my Art things...paintbrushes and what not...

Fabric Jug

Absolutely brilliant idea.... A fabric Jug... just put a jam jar or a drinking glass inside and fill with flowers.. Im going to make lots more of these.. I used a Vintage Francis Price screen print curtain to make this one... This one I made for a friend..

Love me Love my Dog

Had a nice wee day out wandering around the charity shops in Galashiels today. Found this cute little green leather photo frame... I downloaded both the prints from the internet...

Valor 106R Paraffin Heater

Oh look what I found in a skip today a 1920s valor paraffin heater full of rust.. there is a definite moroccan feel to this little beauty...the front door has a traditional moroccan design on it, but the heater was made in England a london company.
I was thinking going white with some retro scandi folk art print...but once I got a feel for it I changed my mind...and went modern moroccan with it... A wee before pic... Now its still a work in progress but heres were im at so far...Although I want to use a modern Moroccan design I want it to look like its really old ...not like below.
So Ive completely distressed it before I start the next phase... I don't want to add the tile design all over..just enough to make it look like the pattern has disappeared over time...once its dry I will take the sandpaper over it again... The Lights...The Lights...
 And a wee update today...

Forget absolutely everything I was going to do in the above posts...
here it is today...

Refunked Antique Table

So here it is in all its glory...Oh I do like it, think I done a pretty good job on this little fella... To protect the decoupage top I used some Perspex from some old picture frames I had bought from ikea many moons ago...

Antique Harp sided table

Mersman made millions of them...  they churned out more than 30 million table in the 1920s, the company bragged that one out of 10 tables in American homes was a Mersman. It is also called a Lyre/harp end table.. And what it looks like today... I love this mock tile pattern.. You can buy this for £20.00 a meter.. or just do what I do and save the image from Cyber space then print it out...