Praying Pew

I was just saying the other day (to myself)
how I need to have more gratitude for the things I have in my life.
The next day I found an old praying pew in the skip
was this a sign I ask myself lol
It was so battered but still worth saving.
All it needed was a bit of tightening up.I stapled the straps back in place .

Stapled in the foam and used a gorgeous piece of fabric I bought from the antique store a few months ago.  I haven't decided on the finish yet I was thinking maybe some upholstery studs.


Hearts And Flowers Serving Platter

I love this pattern from Johnson and Bros.
Its so Folky..
It got me to thinking about how I don't like matching anything!
I love having one of these plates but I wouldn't want a matching set.
That love of one of everything runs right the way through my home.
I found it in a local Charity shop.

Bakelite Bush Radio

The BUSH DAC90A Radio was introduced in 1950 and was made until about 1957
It is one of the most collectable post-war radios.

Ive never been keen on the brown marbled look of Bakelite...So I painted it lol...

Carved Louis Mirror

I have fell in love again....:)
This time with the Carved Louis Mirror...
I just had to buy it.....had to... I had no choice in the matter :0
Im also going through a mixed metal period..
golds and silvers mixed with pewters and all the rest lol...


Mock Crocodile Skin Singer Sewing Case

I just adore my201k Singer Sewing Machine, Its one of the best machines I have ever used.
I sew all my products with this machine..
Anyways....I acquired another... This one came in a mock crocodile skin huge wooden case.
There was quite a lot of water damage to the case so I decided on a full revamp..
This is what it looked like..
The inside...

Here it is now....I love it...


Handmade Victorian Style Kitchen Wall Transfers

I really really really want Victorian kitchen tiles but I just cant afford them...
I printed out my own ...A wee bit of decoupage and matt varnish to waterproof them...
I think it looks pretty good..

Other side of the Kitchen...

Plate Rack upcycled in to a Hanging Pot Rack

I found a mahogany wall plate display at a car booty in Lindean last year..
It cost me £5.00
Heres a pic of one similar..
I bought some steel welded chain 3mm thick.
Some anchor hooks for the ceiling.
4 large screw in heavy duty eye hooks.
A coat of paint and hang.
Cut the lavender fresh from the Garden ...perfect hanging place to dry out.. :)


Antique Books

Oh I know I do go on about my wee second hand store Hislops In Selkirk...
But it really is just so wonderful...
Today I found some books all at 60p ..
Each of them inscribed with a names and dates..
starting from the early 1900s...Just amazing History..


Drapey Fabric Panel

I found this humongous panel of fabric in my wee local antique shop the other day...
It cost £20.00...
Anyways..... im not one for curtains....
 but I had to find somewhere for this wonderful piece of fabric.
I decided  I would make a partition in the hallway nook... 
also the entrance to my teenagers smelly bedroom...
Fabric Panel
I will be treating myself to a much nicer tassel as soon as my finances are in order!

 I put up a shelf about 12 inches down from the ceiling and painted some baskets to put on top..
The reason being...The panel just didn't look right coming form the ceiling 

Art Nouveau Mirror

I love everything Art nouveau...
It was the first style to stop looking backwards in history for ideas, taking inspiration instead from what it saw around it, in particular the natural world.
Found it in a local antique shop....
The owner had painted it in a farrow and ball chalk paint...
which I quite like....
 so it was ready just to hang...


Victorian Crochet Bedspread

I found the most gorgeous Antique shop In my wee home town in Selkirk the other day..
I didn't even know it existed..
Got this beautiful Victorian crochet bedspread....
Isn't it absolutely stunning?

Ornate Fire Surround

Oh this has got to be my most extravagant buy this year...
I have been searching for what must be going on two years for the perfect ornate fire screen...
I found this beauty on Ebay...
It cost me £75.00
Pros: Gorgeous, Gorgeous and more Gorgeous...
Cons: Lightweight (was expecting something a tad more heavy for this kind of money)
I really was disappointed in the tinny feel it has.


Ivory & Gilt Oval Mirror

Found this mirror yesterday hiding behind a wardrobe in my most favourite second hand shop in the world..
Hislops Second Hand Store In Selkirk..
Here it is...


Ornate Brass Table Lamp Base

I found this today at the Galashiels Tesco Car Booty....
Im loving the whole Brass thing at the moment...
The Lady only wanted £1.00 for it.
I stole a few parts from my chandelier and I think it looks stunning...


Niarchos Hellas Tiles

Today I found these stunning hand made Niarchos Hellas Greek ceramic tile coasters.
Made in Greece around 1964.
All four are in mint condition.
I paid £1.00....BARGAIN !
50 years old oh my....

Victorian Finger Lamp

I found this little beauty today in a Charity Shop In Galashiels.
It was a tad expensive for me but I loved it so much I paid the full £10.00 :/
It must be love!

Todays Finds..

Todays finds...All from Hislops In Selkirk.
 A Heron cross decorative pottery chamber pot and bed warmer.
2x vintage silver plated cake pastry tongs.


Winter Bed Blanket

So I posted up a picture a few posts ago on my new blanket I was making for winter.
Well change of plan...
1. The wool was cheap rubbish
2. I didn't like the colour combo.
So I have bought nicer wool in a nicer muted colour range that I think will be very beautiful in my Bedroom.
I still have a long way to go, but here it is so far.,.


Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium

I went to my local second hand shop today in Selkirk.
I love this shop..
Its a Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, the strangest, most fantastic, most wonderful second hand store in the world...
Heres what I found Today...
Three small vintage Italian oval metal picture frames with Gold gilt.
Italian Rococo style.
A Vintage brass shoe ashtray
A Williams pioneer postcard


1940-1950 Denby Manor Green Pitcher

I was on the hunt for A flower jug today...
First charity shop I went in to today and I found this...
(I love when that happens)
1940-1950 Denby Manor Green Pitcher...

Winter Blanket

In between doing the other 10 projects I have on the go at the minute...
 Ive started my winter blanket for me bed!
It gets pretty cold in my house ...maybe I shouldn't have ripped out the heating system :/


Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)