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Fire surround

A wee before and after of the fire surround...

Kitchen Fire Surround.

Had to find somewhere for this little guy after being replaced by my gorgeous Louis fire surround in the bedroom. The only place I could find was a space in the Kitchen ..
Built a hearth with 3 sample floor tiles, put a back on it, and tiled above with some leftover tiles from another project, walloped chalk paint all over...finished it all in a few hours and annoyed at myself for not taking my time and having no patience

Antique Burr Walnut Cocktail Cabinet upcycle.

Theres no doubt this was a beautiful piece to start with.
I had no need for a drinks cabinet but what I did need was more storage in the bedroom.

Cocktail Cabinet Revamp.

I love how this piece turned out.
I layered it with 3 different colours and sanded back to show through the different colours.
Pink, Mustard and Linen white.
I painted the inside and gave it a shelf.
I also added some plaster relief work to the doors..

I just dont think that colour would have looked nice in the bedroom..

Much more practical than a drinks cabinet...especially for someone who doesnt drink.

More Louis..

I had an early night last night..
I just lay in  bed for a while enjoying the beauty..
I cant wait to start working on the cocktail cabinet for my clothes...:)

Louis Hearth and fire surround

It took me 2 days...It was worth it though :)

Bedroom on a budget.

Bedroom on a budget..
Charity shop finds, sale products and all my own D.I.Y.
Wall panels and door frames all my own work and very proud of them :)

Louis Plaster Fire Surround

I have been wanting one of these since I started this blog in 2012... Can you imagine my excitement when I walked in to a charity shop in Hawick last week and seen this....battered, discoloured and plaster crumbling little guy for £50.00

I never bought son talked me out of it, saying I had no room for it... A full day went by and I just couldnt forget..where to put it played over and over in mind...where could I put it..bathroom? no...hallway? just forget have no space...MY BEDROOM!! I can remove the existing one and put it there... The next day came and I watched the clock until 9am...hoping and praying no-one had found 9.03 it was mine!!

The first job I had was to plaster all the missing bits which you dont see in the picture... Then a coat of chalk paint... but it was to grey for me I wanted a more linen colour...

 Next job was the hearth the one that was aready there was way to small. I used some more vinyl tiles I had left over from the hallway to mak…

Upcycled Chimenia

Having a day off from work after a few months of exhausting non stop sewing :)..

My garden is starting to look really boring with no colour..
Everything faded and worn and rusty from the winter...
I just mixed some leftover paint and acrylic floor varnish that I found in the shed...
Gave this old chiminea a wipe down and a wee coat of paint...
Dont know how long it will last....
The paint is still wet lol...

A great day at Selkirk Farmers Market.

I was so excited that I couldnt sleep the night before...
I woke up at 5 in the morning..I was shattered by opening time at 9.30am.
It was all worth it though it was such a wonderful atmosphere.
Most important though was spending quality time with my son which never seems to happen these days. :)

Pallet table & Seat

I got some slabs delivered for the back garden.
I was more excited about the pallet than I was about the slabs...
I had a few spare slabs..some queen anne legs leftover from another project..
A wee bit of measuring and sawing and I had a a wee table to park my bum with my toast n tea :)
This took just under an hour last night... easy-peasy...

Bedroom fire mantle.

I am so busy at the moment over at Jigglemawiggle making stock for the upcoming Selkirk Farmers Market.
My thrifty home adventure blog and facebook page have been totally neglected..
I do miss my D.I.Y, I just have no time :(
A wee project from last year when I found this fire surround.

Rainbows everywhere!!!

From my studio wall to my Vegan leather products....

Botanical vegan leather small wallets.

Im working on my small wallet collection for the market.
Here is my first batch..
The Botanical collection :)

Honey Bee love...

I designed these over the weekend ...Inspiration.... My son having me search for the best tasting honey last week!!  TKmaxx won :)

Large recycled Glass Vase.

It feels so wrong..yet so right!!!!!! I just had to go and buy the large recycled glass vase after loving my small one so much... Its not like theres not enough Eucalyptus to go around...  I have a Eucalyptus tree...

Back to Nature Bookmarks.

My lovely collection of back to nature bookmarks. All PVC-Free vinyl. :)

Recycled Glass Vase.

I have this gorgeous Eucalyptus tree in my garden planted by myself may I add. :)
It gives me lush leaves all year round.
Eucalyptus leaves make a gorgeous display on those shelves that dont get any light..
Im not a big fan of fake plants so this is the ideal solution for me.
So I was on the hunt for some recycled glass vases..
Fell in love with these from
Even better managed to get the small vase in the sale and a further 5% discount for joining the email list. £5.50 odds...BARGAIN!!

Very pretty Vegan Bookmarks.

Its only 11.43 am and ive already made these gorgeous bookmarks with gold trim. PVC-Free, Vegan bookmarks.

Keyrings for the nature lover...

This is the last of the keyrings..I have so many things still to make for the market..

Keyrings for the Bohemian.

Some of todays makes for the Selkirk Farmers Market.

Mudcloth Victorian Travel Desk.

I loved this litte thing as soon as I set eyes on it.
It was £8.00 from the local antique shop...Bargain!!!
Perfect for holding my laptop in bed :)

The She Cave...

It doesnt look like this at the moment...The bunting is off..mIldew is covering the decking..My sign is all weathered and beaten!!! It did look like this at one time lol...

Some more Travel tags..

Im sick of looking at these now!! I think im made enough of these for the stall though.. Bookmark time :)

Biscuits Travel tags...

Last one of the day... Im for some well deserved Ice-cream..


Travel tags...

Travel in retro style..

Some retro luggage tags...


Todays sewing... Some custom orders in Boho & iKat :)

This weeks favourite makes :)

Custom Orders.

Todays sewing... Some custom orders in Boho & iKat :)

Colourful Pin Cushion..

I dont make myself anything very often...
But I really do love this print.
I made myself quite a large Hanging Pin Cushion..
May make some mini ones for the shop...

Small Pine Dresser

This was such a dinky little thing..
Small pine dresser sanded down, chalk painted and plaster detailing.

Colourful Crochet

Some of the more colourful pieces I have crocheted over the years :)

Neutral Crochet

Some neutral pieces I have crocheted over the years.. :)

Rope and plaster panels.

I Glued on the rope with PVA..
I put a few staples in it to keep it in place until the glue had dried.
I bought one mold from ebay and made a cast of it for the the other molds.

Ercol Welsh Dresser

Second-hand Ercol Dresser.
Over time I realised my welsh dresser shelved top just gathered dust it really wasnt that useful.
Not in my Kitchen anway.
I used the top in another room.(at my sewing machine for smaller bits n bobs)
I put a base on the sideboard to lift it to the same height as my Kitchen worktops.
It stores all my plates  :)

Todays Sewing..

Arent these fab!!!
If I do say so myself :)

Bathroom Storage

I found this in the Hawick charity shops.
Im sure it was under £15.00
A wee paint and some new knobs...
Great bathroom storage..
Yes I have a typewriter in the bathroom :)

Plaster of paris wall stencils.

I really do love working with plaster.
A wee touch of Art Nouveau plaster around my Nouveau Mirror.
Some Highlights of plaster around the band of the Ceiling..

D.I.Y Gift boxes.

Find a box you like the shape of..

Fire surround in the making.

A wee before and after...
I found the fire surround on Gumtree.
This was hard work but well worth it :)


Another piece of really cheap furniture...
Got this for £11.00 and im so glad I bought it..
It is such a great piece of furniture..
Has a small hanging space for shirts ..
Painted with some homemade chalk paint and plaster detailing :)