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Chinoiserie retro telephone fabric design.

Absolutley no housework today...
I finally got some time to sit down and play around with some designs.
I came up with some retro telephones with a mix of chinoiserie...
A new washbag  tomorrow. :)

Quickie Chicken Wire Memo Board.

I realised the other day my appointment cards were piling up in a wee heap on my desk...
I had an old frame in the shed and some chicken wire my lovely neighbour gave me a few months ago .
The frame was already painted ..I love when that happens..
I stapled the chicken wire on the back and added a few picture hooks to hang from my shelf.
10 minute memo board and it works great with some bulldog clips.

Desk Caddy..

I am so in love with my new Desk organiser bins.
They are brilliant for storing glasses, crochet hooks, pencils, brushes, and they can sit on the desk or be pinned to a wall or hung from a wall grid with there matching bulldog clip.

A place for everything..

And im still organising...A place for everything.
My little handmade grid bins are coming in handy...Im actually just about to design a taller one...
The boxes at the top are my upcycled wine ones from a few years back (decoupaged and handles added)
My new plant pot covers that I made which I absolutely love...

Pom-Pom window bunting

I was meant to be making a curtain of pom poms..Once I hit about number 25 my fingers started to cramp!!!!
I have opted for a nice pom pom bunting instead :)

Workshop Storage.

To be specific..Pattern storage...
Patterns are a thorn in my side..they are not attractive...
I need them handy though..
The ikea valet floor stand was taking up too much space..

I used 3 butchers hooks and a rod under my existing shelving to hold them...much better and more floor space...

Dolly Peg.

Im really chuffed with this ..
It was such a fluke...
I started off with some pictures of women in the 1930s for inspiration and this is where it took me...
I dont know how I ended up here...
The peg dollies...

The blue stove

am so lovin drawing again...Im drawing the most random just trying to practice every day and get myself to a comfortable place its been years!!!

The Youngs

My interpretation of my wee family ....just for fun lol..

Drawing again..

Ive been trying to draw again after quite a long break...YEARS!!!
Ive been working digitally for a long time now and kind of forgot how to use a pencil..
I started drawing again a few days ago..
I forgot how excited I got over new art materials..
Waiting on my pencils and sketchpad arriving was soooooooooo exciting!!!
I used coloured pencil and ink and mixed it in with some digital stuff.
It felt so nice drawing again..
Fruit & Cacti Vegan leather fabric print.

Raised plaster on Furniture

Hello..I posted about my plaster stencil wallpaper..I just wanted to show some detailing on my furniture with a stencil and plaster. No prep needed straight onto the furniture wait to dry and sand till smooth..(I dont sand I like them rough)

Raised plaster wallpaper.

I have posted about my plaster stencil instead of wallpaper before..
I think you can get a better feel for it at night when the lamp hits it...

Edwardian Dresser Vote

So I put it to a vote on my facebook page ..
My Facebook
and it looks like with the mirror has been voted.
I kind of knew this but I think I was just hoping it was nicer without because I cant be bothered painting it!!!!
Guess what im doing next time I have some spare time 😒

Edwardian dresser.

Im seriously thinking about painting the mirror and re-attatching it!!
Im not sure..

Kitchen cupboard

My old council cupboards were boring..
I took off the door and sawed it down to make a bookshelf inside the cupboard.
I then put trim all around the other doors.
Painted them in chalk paint and changed the handles.
I used some leftover cladding to make a folding shutter door.

Singer Obsession

I just thought I would take a wee pic of my beloved Singer...I was on my way to bed when I looked over and my wee baby singer was just sparkling in the candlelight..
I really do have a singer obsession...

Bedspread Love

I posted yesterday about the simple shelf I was making from the sides of a broken chest of drawers.
Well here it is with my bedspreads on ity...
I love my bedroom....I love sleeping in here...I love sleeping though!!! lol

Bedspread storage idea.

Sometimes its just the simple things..not the most ornate or elaborate..just making a simple shelf from something that would be going to the skip.
My son got a new chest of drawers for his room so I took apart his old one which was really falling apart and used the sides to make a deep, high up shelf for my bedspreads.
I put it together in an less than an hour, the painting took a few days a wee stolen hour here and there when I got the time.
Ive still to dress it...its so simple and useful I think it will look nice once it has the bedspreads on it.

Sewing Nook

I was a machinist in a factory as soon as I left school so having a sewing machine has always been a part of my home decor.
My wee sewing nooks have grown over the years.
The ever changing sewing nook...
Im sure it will all change again.. :)

Sweet Peas and Wild Flowers.

More picture from a long time ago...
Charity shop picture frames joined together to make a wall hanging.
Metal flour tins found in the skip used as my vases.
Re-vamped singer sewing case.
Lots more

Random crafts.

I was online searching for some of my older products when I came across some images I hadnt seen in ages.
My house doesnt have any of these things in it anymore...
Red fridge and kitchen floor are still here...
I miss all of the interior crafts I used to do...its not until now I realise how creative I was in my house.
All my creativenessesss goes into my shop now :)
Its a bit of a mismatch...
Theres a wee bit of decoupage, fabric flowers, painted furniture, handmade boxes, suitcase shelf and D.IY breakfast bar crafts in there...

Vegan faux leather wallets.

Some of this weeks new makes in the JiggleMaWiggle shop...

Mini storage bins.

Some of my latest makes in the LeakyBreeks shop..
Leaky Breeks

Upcycled paraffin heater

I thought I would take a photo of my paraffin heater upcycle.
I use it as a solar lamp plant stand now :)
Ive tried to take a night time picture to get the full effect of the lamp but it just wasnt happening.

Pattern Storage.

Im needing a little inspiration for the studio.
I have my patterns hanging on a modern valet stand at the moment.
I wouldnt mind some new fresh ideas on how to store these.
Maybe something coming down from the ceiling to hang them on..

Painting your door.

I had some time off yesterday so decided to put it to good use and paint the ever flaking, cracking door...:(
So I went to get my paint out the shed and nearly everything was off.
Must have been the extreme cold and then the extreme heat we are having.
I found a tin of Ronseal fence paint in what looked like really good health lol..
I re-painted the door, the window ledges, the front doorstep and some of the surrounding bricks :)
Not bad for half a tin of paint.
Ive just ordered some fairy lights to put in the paraffin heater for a wee night light. :)

Over the rainbow..

Some of my rainbow coloured makes over the last few months..

New shop in town

So we have a fab new shop in town and its called room 7A.. More important its a second hand shop what more could I ask for...
The owner has great taste and the little shop is filled to the brim with lots and lots of simply divine things.
I was in for a visit the other day and picked up this gorgeous Kingsize Bedspread.
I dont actually need one..
What I do need though is storage to hold my ever growing collection of bedspreads...
I need to build a high up deep shelf in the alcove in the bedroom..

It needs something...

My fire surround is just missing something...I dont want patterned tiles in it because I have far too many going around the walls. I thought about making it a chalk board..any ideas...anyone!!!

Paper tile transfers

My paper tiles that I made are holding up well..The sunlight hasnt faded them, and they can be wiped down when dirty.
I need to get the other side redone, it was my first attempt when that side was tiled and I used the wrong paper and ink and the sun light faded did take a few years to fade though!

Small Kitchen storage ideas..

When I first moved into my house I thought my kitchen was huge!!
My last kitchen you couldnt swing a cat in so this was a breath of fresh air.
Now it seems so wee...
I have to find all sorts of ways to fit in my kitchen accessories.
I put a rail on the back of my welsh dresser (now a kitchen island).

Fire surround

A wee before and after of the fire surround...

Kitchen Fire Surround.

Had to find somewhere for this little guy after being replaced by my gorgeous Louis fire surround in the bedroom. The only place I could find was a space in the Kitchen ..
Built a hearth with 3 sample floor tiles, put a back on it, and tiled above with some leftover tiles from another project, walloped chalk paint all over...finished it all in a few hours and annoyed at myself for not taking my time and having no patience

Antique Burr Walnut Cocktail Cabinet upcycle.

Theres no doubt this was a beautiful piece to start with.
I had no need for a drinks cabinet but what I did need was more storage in the bedroom.

Cocktail Cabinet Revamp.

I love how this piece turned out.
I layered it with 3 different colours and sanded back to show through the different colours.
Pink, Mustard and Linen white.
I painted the inside and gave it a shelf.
I also added some plaster relief work to the doors..

I just dont think that colour would have looked nice in the bedroom..

Much more practical than a drinks cabinet...especially for someone who doesnt drink.

More Louis..

I had an early night last night..
I just lay in  bed for a while enjoying the beauty..
I cant wait to start working on the cocktail cabinet for my clothes...:)

Louis Hearth and fire surround

It took me 2 days...It was worth it though :)

Bedroom on a budget.

Bedroom on a budget..
Charity shop finds, sale products and all my own D.I.Y.
Wall panels and door frames all my own work and very proud of them :)

Louis Plaster Fire Surround

I have been wanting one of these since I started this blog in 2012... Can you imagine my excitement when I walked in to a charity shop in Hawick last week and seen this....battered, discoloured and plaster crumbling little guy for £50.00

I never bought son talked me out of it, saying I had no room for it... A full day went by and I just couldnt forget..where to put it played over and over in mind...where could I put it..bathroom? no...hallway? just forget have no space...MY BEDROOM!! I can remove the existing one and put it there... The next day came and I watched the clock until 9am...hoping and praying no-one had found 9.03 it was mine!!

The first job I had was to plaster all the missing bits which you dont see in the picture... Then a coat of chalk paint... but it was to grey for me I wanted a more linen colour...

 Next job was the hearth the one that was aready there was way to small. I used some more vinyl tiles I had left over from the hallway to mak…

Upcycled Chimenia

Having a day off from work after a few months of exhausting non stop sewing :)..

My garden is starting to look really boring with no colour..
Everything faded and worn and rusty from the winter...
I just mixed some leftover paint and acrylic floor varnish that I found in the shed...
Gave this old chiminea a wipe down and a wee coat of paint...
Dont know how long it will last....
The paint is still wet lol...

A great day at Selkirk Farmers Market.

I was so excited that I couldnt sleep the night before...
I woke up at 5 in the morning..I was shattered by opening time at 9.30am.
It was all worth it though it was such a wonderful atmosphere.
Most important though was spending quality time with my son which never seems to happen these days. :)

Pallet table & Seat

I got some slabs delivered for the back garden.
I was more excited about the pallet than I was about the slabs...
I had a few spare slabs..some queen anne legs leftover from another project..
A wee bit of measuring and sawing and I had a a wee table to park my bum with my toast n tea :)
This took just under an hour last night... easy-peasy...

Bedroom fire mantle.

I am so busy at the moment over at Jigglemawiggle making stock for the upcoming Selkirk Farmers Market.
My thrifty home adventure blog and facebook page have been totally neglected..
I do miss my D.I.Y, I just have no time :(
A wee project from last year when I found this fire surround.

Rainbows everywhere!!!

From my studio wall to my Vegan leather products....