Portrait of a Gumsy Lady

I really miss drawing.
I spent a few hours drawing  tonight and so enjoyed it.
It was so therapeutic not creating to sell..

Doll face tree decoration.

She has got to be my favourite by far!!!
I love her copper hair and copper trim...
Feels nice to recycle some of that cardboard into something.. rather than throw it!!
She has pride of place on my Christmas tree beside some folky mini clogs I found in a charity shop a few years back.

Cat tree decoration

Using up all of that extra Christmas cardboard with some decoupage and copper foil.
I never get tired of this wee guy...
He is gorgeous & I do love cats
He is actually copper foiled around the trim but you dont see it in the picture. :)

Handmade tree ornament.

Still playing around with the recycled cardboard..
I made myself a wee music tape for the tree..

Cardboard & Cork trinket box.

Last night I was playing around with some leftover cork sheets from my studio wall and some cardboard tubing I had hoarded !!!
I made this little trinket box with a dalmation decoupage print.
Im going to order a gold colouring pen..I think Gold trim would have been nicer than just leaving the cork showing..

Frank and Anna

I bought Frank a few years back ...
He was looking rather lonely on the love seat....
So I made him Anna....
I think they are a perfect match....

Christmas Decor 2018

I posted a video on facebook with the christmas lights on..
Christmas lights on..

I prefer when the lights are off..so much more colour...

D.I.Y paper tiles

 D.I.Y paper tiles.

This side of the kitchen tile re-vamp had been long overdue...
When I first made the paper tiles I didnt know much about inks and papers...
Last night I printed off my the same prints as I still love this design..why change it!!!
I used Durabrite ink, matte photo paper and some P,V,A glue...I then go over it with any kind of clear, non yellowing varnish.
I stick the paper on to the existing old white tiles ( I paint them first so the grout is nice and white before I start the sticking down process)
What a difference they are lovely and bright!!!

Paper Clip Memo Board

A wee update on the paper clips lol..
I decided on wool wrapping the clips together in different colours...
Never again it took over 4 hours and I was nearly greetin!!!!
For me it just so started to look like a memo board so thats what it became.....

I thought a good idea would be to make Christmas tree in this design and hang cards and vintage ornaments from it... (another time)..

Paper clip wall art

Next on the gallery wall will be (I hope) my XL paper clip art....
I just need to figure out how to attach it together...:)

Gallery wall progress..

 My Gallery wall is coming along nicely...

Mini Storage Bins,rainbow prints,lovehearts print,wall grid storage,bulldog clip.

No Desk space...then this is the perfect little mini storage bin.
Can be used for pencils, pens, brushes, crochet hooks....
Comes with a matching bulldog clip so you can clip it to any wall grid.
Or just hook it on the wall using a push pin.


Painted Cork Board Wall Gallery

I read it wasnt a good idea painting cork board because the pin marks show when its painted.
My tiles were cheap not the beautiful cork you see in some pictures.
I picked them up from a charity shop and beggars cant be choosers!!
Well I just couldnt live with a wall that looked like the colour of dog poop!!!
It just wasnt a good colour and really didnt compliment the room..so pin marks were the lesser of  2 evils :)
I gave it 2 coats of white homemade chalk paint...
Gosh it looks so much better and I have a huge wall that I can play around without to much effort...

Vintage fabrics in Vintage frames...

Just ignore my bed cushions piled high on top of my unit..its the only place for them when I go to bed...
I was admiring my little collection of vintage frames with vintage fabrics..:)

Toasty Hallway..

Oh my..how wonderful it is to have a nice warm house on such a chilly night :)
Im lovin the central heating...

Boiler cupboard revamp.

I got this lovely green fiberboard cupboard installed to hide the gas central heating boiler in my bedroom, It was not very pretty :/
I had some leftover wallpaper from the hall so I cut and glued it on as borders around the edges of the door.
I had some wood filler to hand so I just used that for the stencil around the handle..
I didnt want anything to ornate because the bedroom is really starting to look like a wedding cake!!!
Oh and a wee handle change....(had these in the she cave)

Paper clip design zipper pouch.

I actually prefer this design with the red zipper and pull.
Paper clip patter zipper vegan leather pouch.
For more information just click on the clink..

Buy Now

Paper clip design Xl vegan leather pencil case.

I love this print...I really would have liked to have seen this in an oversized version as wallpaper in my studio..
For more information on this fab vegan leather pencil case visit my shop just click on the link.

Buy Now

Chalk paint & Coal mix

Now that I have gas central heating installed I dont have a working coal fire in my studio anymore :(
I cant afford to get an engineer to cap some pipes for me at the moment so
I decided to paint the chimney flue and the fire grate.
White homemade chalk paint mixed with coal gives a lovely off white colour :)

Hallway flooring

Thats the gas central heating put in...
It was so hot this morning I woke up with frizzy hair!!!
I love it...
Dont love the damage it caused and the amount of decorating but it was worth it.
The centre floor of my hallway had to be lifted...
Im glad I kept an extra packet of tiles for just in case...
Tiled the floor this morning and the hallway is kind of back to normal with some extra sparkle because I had to clean 

Paperclip Starburst Design.

So my central heating was put in today..
I spent the full day in a borrowed flat watching TV and playing around with some new designs.
It was rather cosy!

 I just love a colour pop....even if it is just paperclips...

still playing :) Im actually waiting on paint drying!! :)

Studio tidy up..

Enjoying having time to do those little things...
My studio and everywhere else for that matter is in dire need of a good clean and paint!!
I will start with dusting and see how it goes from there hahaha..

Bathroom TLC

I have been so busy for so long now my little house has been thoroughly neglected...
I have some time at the moment so it will be nice to be able to get things back in order and maybe even do a bit of painting!!!

I have gas central heating getting put in on Wednesday..
Absolutely dreading it..My floors are getting ripped up :(

I took down my bathroom outer shower curtain about 5 months ago and today I actually got to put it back up ..
that's how busy life has been!!!

Antique floral vegan leather pencil bag.

Gorgeous green with black antique style floral pencil bag.
These bags are extra long so are great for all those paintbrushes.

Hare print vegan leather pencil case.

I love this one so much.. so I made one for myself...:)
Monochrome block print style, Hares vegan leather pencil case.

Gifts for Booklovers.

Folk floral green vegan leather bookmark with bronze accessories.

Vegan Cat pendant.

Todays custom order..
A cat pendant necklace with bronze trimmings...

Vegan makeup bag in Hare print.

Such a great makeup bag..
Black Hares set in an off white background.
I use mine to snugly hold my iPad 9.7, Glasses and a few other odds and ends.
The pic below is the iPad mini 4 which leaves plenty of room for your other bits.
For more details visit the link..

Art Gifts, Xlong pencil case.

Great for those Xlong brushes...
This one is a bit brighter than my last few makes..
It reminds me of a Tropical Aquarium.

Dark Botanical XLong brush bag.

A beautiful gift for the Artist in your life..Dark botanical XLong brush bag..

Christmas Coupon codes.

A little something off for those Christmas gifts..


Dark floral sleeve.

Im going through a real dark phase at the moment...
My makeup..my clothes...my designs!!!

A dark ditzy floral custom made tablet sleeve.


iPad dust sleeve.


Gold bees custom made tablet covers.
The dust sleeve lining and fabric are lined with a heavy weight interface for added strength.
This cover will protect your tablet from dust and marks.
I have left it open without any buttons or fiddly bits..
Very durable and abrasion resistant
Resists water, dries quickly
Resists stretching and shrinking
Mold and mildew resistant
Holds color well, resists fading
Easy to clean, may be dry cleaned


Doc Martin wall art..

I really do love my Docs ..
they are up there with my dog, cat and son hahahaha..no really!!!
I made a wee one today for my memories board..

Chinoiserie Pastels...

I love bright colours so these colours are kind of new for me.
Pretty chinoiserie pastels in a fan print.

I think this would look great as a wallpaper..

Monochrome Phone Fabric Design.

Playing around with the retro telephones again..this time in a monochrome print..
I love stripes, dots, chevron, aztec and crosses ..OH my I love all pattern!!!

Dr.Martens Fabric Design

So this little number is inspired by my most favourite boots on the planet since the 1990s...
mines are plain black though :)
You can buy a vegan faux leather washbag in this design here....Faux leather washbag

Or you can buy a canvas make-up bag here .... https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/646435801/gifts-for-her-wash-bagdrmarten-travel?ref=shop_home_active_3

Chinoiserie retro telephone fabric design.

Absolutley no housework today...
I finally got some time to sit down and play around with some designs.
I came up with some retro telephones with a mix of chinoiserie...
A new washbag  tomorrow. :)

Quickie Chicken Wire Memo Board.

I realised the other day my appointment cards were piling up in a wee heap on my desk...
I had an old frame in the shed and some chicken wire my lovely neighbour gave me a few months ago .
The frame was already painted ..I love when that happens..
I stapled the chicken wire on the back and added a few picture hooks to hang from my shelf.
10 minute memo board and it works great with some bulldog clips.

Desk Caddy..

I am so in love with my new Desk organiser bins.
They are brilliant for storing glasses, crochet hooks, pencils, brushes, and they can sit on the desk or be pinned to a wall or hung from a wall grid with there matching bulldog clip.

A place for everything..

And im still organising...A place for everything.
My little handmade grid bins are coming in handy...Im actually just about to design a taller one...
The boxes at the top are my upcycled wine ones from a few years back (decoupaged and handles added)
My new plant pot covers that I made which I absolutely love...

Pom-Pom window bunting

I was meant to be making a curtain of pom poms..Once I hit about number 25 my fingers started to cramp!!!!
I have opted for a nice pom pom bunting instead :)

Workshop Storage.

To be specific..Pattern storage...
Patterns are a thorn in my side..they are not attractive...
I need them handy though..
The ikea valet floor stand was taking up too much space..

I used 3 butchers hooks and a rod under my existing shelving to hold them...much better and more floor space...

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)