Doilie Balloon Bowl

I bought balloons months ago to make myself a doilie lampshade, I havent sourced enough vintage doilies yet to do that project. Whilst raking the linen cupboard this morning  I found one wee doilie  so thought I would make a wee bowl.
A wee tealight...
And another....
All you need is a balloon, P.VA, Doilie and a cup.

Kitchen Floor

So...ive decided im going to try and source a couple of unusual vinyl tiles and sporadically dot them  over the floor..This is the first tiles down...
I used the  leftover tiles from my hallway entrance

Im thinking these tiles are next...just a few though !!!


Random Hallway

My hallway has been a labour of love!!! All five door frames will eventually have all my handmade architrave and pediments..(still 3 doors to go). Each wall panel hand lovingly made and each mold cast individually...neighbours totally hacked off with the sounds of the beating hammer comin from my house..(im not kidding, ive had complaints lol)
Anyway was so bored so I took some pictures of it, its nowhere near finished..

Love Madge, I got  her last summer, a bit of decoupage and a nice vintage doily from a selkirk thrift shop.. she now has pride of place in my new home.

My console table I got from a charity shop in Edinburgh last year,  sits just at the front door. Got the knob from ebay, so pretty.
Every mold was glued individually onto my not so pretty lightswitches, I used latex for the mother mold and plaster of paris as the filler.
Wall panels made from cheap B&Q cladding and more molds to finish off.
The wood floor at my front door was getting dirty with all the traffic, especially the dog. I bought some french vinyl tiles from for £24.99 a pack. Finished it off with a 1/2 inch wood border.
Not so cheap cladding I bought from the Timber merchants.
French tiles from
My chinese antique table which was salvaged from the skip.
A wee close up of Madge lol.
The front door with my French tiles and dirt trapper I cut from an old rug.
All my painstakingly hard work.
And again....
And again .....


My First Open Fire
Dirty work, but I love does the gabe.x

Kitchen Cupboards

Chalk Paint

I mixed some polyfilla with emultion.
1 part polyfilla to 3 parts emultion.
Im going to finish them with some wax.

Kitchen floor

This is the lovely kitchen vinyl I have lived with for 7 months. It actually wouldnt have bothered me so much if it had been clean, but I suppose at age 40-50 you do tend to be a bit rough around the!!!!
I should know!!!!
I found these really cheap vynil tiles from wilkinsons, only £3.99 a pack of 6. They do look a really cheap white down, but im hoping when I incorporate the french ones below It will look slightly more expensive.
The french ones from not on the high street for £24.99 a packet. Im going to put these in the centre under the table because I couldnt afford to do the full floor at these prices.
Heres the white floor, ive put a rug under the table just now but thats where im going to be putting my lovely french ones.

Different Stages

Omg..This fire has been a thorn in my side since I moved in, its went through so many stages...trying to hide an ugly ass fire thats the focal point in your living room has not been easy.
So the story goes on...A couple of days ago my carbon monoxide alarm went off so I got the gas man to remove the thing, and what was behind it...A beautiful chimney fully working!!!!
Ive ordered a solid fuel kit so I can start burning coal...WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Bedside Table Turned Vanity Unit

I remember last year when I went out for a wee drive with my brother when I spotted this old bedside cabinet abandoned at the side of the road. I nearly caused my brother to crash as I screamed so loud STOP THE CAR!!! then continued to cause more problems as I tried to get out the car while it was still moving lol

Got me jigsaw out...cut away the back of the cabinet for the pipes...The cabinet was still too short so I got some offcuts of wood and glued them to to the feet and gave them a quick touch up of paint .


Tea Trolley update...

Not sure I am going to keep it this colour...Its had floral panels..its been white...and now its custardy yellow..cant make up my mind!!! Once I decorate the hall completely I will have a better feeling of what I am going to do with it...I usually need to find a place for something to sit first before I can even begin to think what way I am going to decorate me its going to change again...


circa 1935 Tea Trolley

I am so in love with this little piece...As soon as I seen it I knew my little sewing machine had found its place of rest...They are both around the same age which is lovely...
I think I am just going to sand back this little oak beauty and lavish in coats of tung oil!!!
Im really undecided in what to do...Oh I do so love antiques...when I rescue one it seriously makes my life worth living.
Oak Drop Leaf Tea Trolley
Circa 1935
Look at the cute little drawer !!!

Tangerines and Cloves...

I have tangerines, cloves and holly all over the house lol, heres some on my cake stand as you enter the front door...A wee taste of Christmas

Cant Wait Chrstmas !!!!

My livingroom is all decorated and ready for christmas to come..Oh I cant wait..My arse is making buttons!!!
Christmas shopping all done..just the countdown now !!!

Bath Please...

Mum I have emultion on my ears. Can I have A bath please ...
pretty pleease...

The Holly Bush

Was out walking the dog yesterday when I came across a gorgeous holly bush..jogged back to the house (not so much a jog more a power walk lol) for my basket, secateurs and a pair of man gloves. Armed with all my equipment I power walked back just in case someone stole the holly bush :)

Bought some tangerines at the local store and dressed them with some whole cloves I had in the cupboard.

A christmas wish

OMG...I have been wanting a singer sewing machine for years and years, but I wouldnt pay the money for one....

I finally got one... saved from the crush of death in the metal skip it was like all my Christmases came at once.
what is so special about this sewing machine is the hand crank on the side. With the introduction of electricity, many of these machines were converted to electric by the addition of a motor. The hand cranks almost disappeared. With a motor, you could do twice as much work.When you see a Singer like this one today, it will more than likely have a motor on it--not a hand crank.
Pretty Pretty
It aslo came with the original instruction book, needles and other bits n bobs
Aso has original lid and key...whoop whoop!!

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)