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Random Hallway

My hallway has been a labour of love!!! All five door frames will eventually have all my handmade architrave and pediments..(still 3 doors to go). Each wall panel hand lovingly made and each mold cast individually...neighbours totally hacked off with the sounds of the beating hammer comin from my house..(im not kidding, ive had complaints lol)
Anyway was so bored so I took some pictures of it, its nowhere near finished..

Love Madge, I got  her last summer, a bit of decoupage and a nice vintage doily from a selkirk thrift shop.. she now has pride of place in my new home.

My console table I got from a charity shop in Edinburgh last year,  sits just at the front door. Got the knob from ebay, so pretty.
Every mold was glued individually onto my not so pretty lightswitches, I used latex for the mother mold and plaster of paris as the filler.
Wall panels made from cheap B&Q cladding and more molds to finish off.
The wood floor at my front door was getting dirty with all the traffic, especially the dog. I bought some french vinyl tiles from for £24.99 a pack. Finished it off with a 1/2 inch wood border.
Not so cheap cladding I bought from the Timber merchants.
French tiles from
My chinese antique table which was salvaged from the skip.
A wee close up of Madge lol.
The front door with my French tiles and dirt trapper I cut from an old rug.
All my painstakingly hard work.
And again....
And again .....