Butt for the Breadmaker !!!

A baker I am not.... since moving to the Borders I have a lot more time on my hands things are more slow paced here...one could even say its so slow its going slightly backwards !!!!
I decided to blow the dust from my breadmaker...
What a wonderful invention for people who cannot cook (I burn everything)
I have been baking bread like a maniac for the past few weeks.
Bagel bread, banana bread, white bread, wholemeal bread.
The other day while wondering what bread to make I came across an ingenious button called cake...
so here it is...da da daaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Carrot And Raisin Cake

I have put on a few pounds over the last few weeks the reason being I realise I am rather greedy with homebaked foods!!!
This is so gorgeous.....I ate the whole lot myself!!!!
If you want the recipe feel free to email me at jigglemawiggle@hotmail.co.uk

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Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)