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Princess Victoria Sharp Needles

Oh what a beautiful find...
I found these in an old tin I had bought from a charity shop..
Princess Victoria Sharp Needles in two sizes size No7 and size No5..
I also found this wee article on the internet..
“…The following passage is from the November 18, 1899, issue of The Economist, and lends credence to this theory:
“A deputation of cravat manufacturers was received this week by the Minister of Commerce of make representations on the use of false trade-marks on importations of the articles they sell from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Italy. These goods, the deputation declared, are marked with the words ‘Made in London’ or other words imply that they are of English origin, which appears to be a recommendation with buyers … It is, however, a common practice to import German goods marked as English, and recently the attention of the British Chamber of Commerce was called to the sale, in France, of packets of needles bearing a portrait of the Queen, with the words ‘Prinzess Victoria Needles’ and the name of a fictitious manufacturer at Redditch. The spelling of the word princess betrayed the origin of the article, but would escape the attention of the buyer.”

These ones have the z spelling..
Heres a wee close up of mine...