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Handmade Lampshades

More like Frankenstein's creations!
Sometimes things just don't work out.
Tip: Buy the self adhesive PVC for lampshades my way doesn't work!
Also the wee tool that tucks the fabric into the ring.
I found an 8" Drum shade in the charity shop.
I stripped it down and was left with 2 separate rings.
I had 3 attempts at this using different mediums.
canvas, paper, and last was the vinyl coated cotton.
Vinyl Coated Cotton, easy clean lampshade
Third Attempt
I made this one in the coated vinyl and it was far too thick.
When I turned the lip over the ring it was so thick and wrinkly I ended up having to hand stitch around the ring.
You know what though I actually like the rustic look of this and its a keeper lol!
2nd Attempt
This was made with waterproof paper glued onto a heavy weight interface and although it wasn't to thick the glue made the pattern bleed.
It ended up really black around the top and bottom ring.
I had to hand stitch the top and bottom on this as well because I didn't have the tool to turn the paper under the ring.

The first one you don't get a picture of because that was just a complete disaster !