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My Home 2015

I think the new year is a time for reflection and a time to plan your year ahead...
Keep your Plans in sand and yer goals in concrete I was once told lol
Heres my sand of course!
Im going to be doing a black and white Harlequin floor ..
The whole floor in oversized diamonds..
I might use paint or vinyl tiles..not quite sure yet..
Red and white striped wall..just a smidgen not a full wall
and hopefully a new sofa...(chesterfield preferably, I am saving)
I want a fun interior...whimsical!
The absolute opposite of my personality which can only be described as a boring old fart!

Im hoping that in 2016 I shall finally panel all my bedroom walls..
Also fix the wiring in the chandalier!
and fix the moldy wall behind the bed! 
and the broken door handle...and...
Maybe find a real iron bed!

Kitchen 2015
I havent got any plans of yet for the kitchen, but it is early days. :)