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Navy Sideboard/Living Room Revamp

First things first...Getting rid of all my IKEA units..
Ikea units are fab....especially for storage...
 but  there are just to many gorgeous antique pieces of furniture out there..
with beautiful curves and details and workmanship!
Gathering dust in charity shops and selling for next to nothing!

Heres a pic of the units I have got rid of and the space im going to decorate next :)
I have donated these units to my little brother who has just moved home. :) 

Heres the piece which is going to take its place. 
Found this in a local charity shop for £40.00
Its worth a hell of a lot more! (unpainted lol)

Heres its all painted and decorated in a beautiful navy paint.
I will be doing a wall panel tutorial of behind the Sideboard next time :)