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Wall Panel Tutorial

 Wall panel Tutorial for the wall behind my new revamped Buffet Sideboard.

Finished (still have a few things to put on the wall)

I bought some redwood planed timber standard 16 x 75mm...
Thats roughly 3 Inches wide x  0.5 Thick.
I bought 6 pieces and it cost £27.00 , I only needed 3 pieces.

   All you need is a saw, measuring tape, panel pins and some PVA (optional).
I drew on the wall directly where I wanted the batons to go.
Not a very good pic lol..

It took me around 40 minutes..
To measure, saw and pin the batons.
so quick and easy because I had drawn up the design before hand.

Next you need decorators caulk, oil based paint, emulsion and satinwood to finish.
I fill in all the gaps and go around every join with the decorators caulk.
I leave that to dry overnight .
 I go over all the panel pins with an oil based paint to stop them from rusting.
I emulsion twice and satinwood twice and heres the finish. :)