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Chalk Paint Floor White washed

I sanded the hallway and living room around 4 years ago when I first moved into the property..
The colour was light pine and it looked beautiful..
I decide on an oil top coat, which turned the living room floor orange!
The hallway I stained with tea and coffee and then varnished and this turned out a much nicer colour..
But over the years they have both became a deeper and deeper orange...
Both look like they have been Tangoed!
I bit the bullet 3 days ago and made up a Chalk Paint mixture.....
I used Calcium Carbonate..

I put this job off for so long because it was such hard work sanding the floors..
But really when I look back I never did like the pine floorboards.. 
The orange throws off the rest of the colour scheme...
 The pine looks better in the photo than it did in real...
At first I was going to do pure white floors..
Instead I rubbed off some of the paint with a wet rag..
Then went over it again with a damp paint roller...
I done this a few times..
Rubbing at some of the nice grain and knotty parts..

 It hasnt had its top coat yet im waiting on that being delivered...
This will give it real depth...
Im using a non yellowing water based polyacrylic floor varnish..
I will do 3 coats because its the hallway and because I have Gabe!

You should see the living room it looks like it has been tangoed!