Some of the more colourful pieces I have crocheted over the years :)

Some neutral pieces I have crocheted over the years.. :)

I really enjoyed this project..
It cost around £8.00 ...( if that :)
and it Didnt even take that long....

Cotton String Rug

I havent finished this..
I like to have a crochet project for relaxation...
 Each row is made with 13 Double half Crochet...
I chain 14 and DHC from the 3rd chain from the hook.

Each Square measures 3.5 inches .....
using a 5.5 crochet hook &
Double knit wool.

I love my wee armchair..
But I must admit I am a sloppy git!
Spilling coffee and whatever I eat all over it..
The covers end up completely washed out..
So I make arm covers and seat covers to prolong the life of the covers.

I found this gorgeous turquoise tweed fabric in the charity shop..
I traced the shape of the arms onto paper then cut out the fabric.
They were super easy to make.
The cushion I made years ago with all my leftover florals...
It really has stood the test of time!

So I posted up a picture a few posts ago on my new blanket I was making for winter.
Well change of plan...
1. The wool was cheap rubbish
2. I didn't like the colour combo.
So I have bought nicer wool in a nicer muted colour range that I think will be very beautiful in my Bedroom.
I still have a long way to go, but here it is so far.,.

In between doing the other 10 projects I have on the go at the minute...
 Ive started my winter blanket for me bed!
It gets pretty cold in my house ...maybe I shouldn't have ripped out the heating system :/

I was heading up to Edinburgh yesterday so I dived into the local wool shop before I got the bus and picked myself up a nice ball of Aran wool.
I made this infinity scarf  on my bus journey.
This will be perfect to keep me warm in the winter dog walking months.

Something I am working on at the moment...

It gets so cold here in the winter....

Bathroom mat

Im one of those people who just cant sit still, and when i do I have to be doing something with my hands. Im not particularly good at crochet but it does give me something to do at night when im trying to relax and watch a bit of T.V...
This pom pom blanket took me a few nights to do...

Once I started using pom poms....I got Pom Pom fever!!!!
So I made this Pom Pom Rug!!! It was actually my good friend Tea At Aunties who gave me this idea...she was going to make a full on Pom Pom rug...I didnt have the patience although I did think it would have been gorgeous all Pom Poms..

I got a bit bored using wool for crochet and decided on doing some rope crochet...Heres how it turned out !!!

Not so keen on was only for my bum!!

Using jute and the cotton rope to make placemats.....


  1. Your very good at crochet

    1. aw thankyou so much...Im not actually good at crochet lol, i only know some basic stitches and I can only do squares hahahah

  2. aw thankyou marion..i am quite proud of it myself lol...

  3. I love your bathroom mat! That is truly stunning. Please, is there a pattern link for it? Awesome post. xoxo

    1. Hi Angela, and thank you so much...but I honestly just fluked it...I cant really crochet very well or follow patterns.
      I just went round in a circle and made it up as I went!

    2. I shared your picture and link here:
      so you might pick be getting some extra traffic. ;)
      It's very popular, I think you're going to get some requests for extra pictures for those who want to reverse engineer it. If you want to write it up as a pattern, I'd be only too happy to help you. I'm Angela McWhinnie Armstong on facebook and I'm the only one of those there.
      Once again, love your rug, and love work generally. xoxo

  4. Very beautiful work! You're a natural!

    1. Aw thank you...I really honestly am not very good at crochet at all lol...I only know a few basic stitches and I cant read patterns lol!


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