Creative Ideas

I really miss drawing.
I spent a few hours drawing  tonight and so enjoyed it.
It was so therapeutic not creating to sell..

She has got to be my favourite by far!!!
I love her copper hair and copper trim...
Feels nice to recycle some of that cardboard into something.. rather than throw it!!
She has pride of place on my Christmas tree beside some folky mini clogs I found in a charity shop a few years back.

Using up all of that extra Christmas cardboard with some decoupage and copper foil.
I never get tired of this wee guy...
He is gorgeous & I do love cats
He is actually copper foiled around the trim but you dont see it in the picture. :)

Still playing around with the recycled cardboard..
I made myself a wee music tape for the tree..

I bought Frank a few years back ...
He was looking rather lonely on the love seat....
So I made him Anna....
I think they are a perfect match....

Last night I was playing around with some leftover cork sheets from my studio wall and some cardboard tubing I had hoarded !!!
I made this little trinket box with a dalmation decoupage print.
Im going to order a gold colouring pen..I think Gold trim would have been nice than just leaving the cork showing..

A wee update on the paper clips lol..
I decided on wool wrapping the clips together in different colours...
Never again it took over 4 hours and I was nearly greetin!!!!
For me it just so started to look like a memo board so thats what it became.....

I thought a good idea would be to make Christmas tree in this design and hang cards and vintage ornaments from it... (another time)..

Next on the gallery wall will be (I hope) my XL paper clip art....
I just need to figure out how to attach it together...:)

 My Gallery wall is coming along nicely...

Ive been trying to draw again after quite a long break...YEARS!!!
Ive been working digitally for a long time now and kind of forgot how to use a pencil..
I started drawing again a few days ago..
I forgot how excited I got over new art materials..
Waiting on my pencils and sketchpad arriving was soooooooooo exciting!!!
I used coloured pencil and ink and mixed it in with some digital stuff.
It felt so nice drawing again..
Fruit & Cacti Vegan leather fabric print.

Hello..I posted about my plaster stencil wallpaper..I just wanted to show some detailing on my furniture with a stencil and plaster. No prep needed straight onto the furniture wait to dry and sand till smooth..(I dont sand I like them rough)

I have posted about my plaster stencil instead of wallpaper before..
I think you can get a better feel for it at night when the lamp hits it...

More picture from a long time ago...
Charity shop picture frames joined together to make a wall hanging.
Metal flour tins found in the skip used as my vases.
Re-vamped singer sewing case.
Lots more

Sometimes its just the simple things..not the most ornate or elaborate..just making a simple shelf from something that would be going to the skip.
My son got a new chest of drawers for his room so I took apart his old one which was really falling apart and used the sides to make a deep, high up shelf for my bedspreads.
I put it together in an less than an hour, the painting took a few days a wee stolen hour here and there when I got the time.
Ive still to dress it...its so simple and useful I think it will look nice once it has the bedspreads on it.

I was online searching for some of my older products when I came across some images I hadnt seen in ages.
My house doesnt have any of these things in it anymore...
Red fridge and kitchen floor are still here...
I miss all of the interior crafts I used to do...its not until now I realise how creative I was in my house.
All my creativenessesss goes into my shop now :)
Its a bit of a mismatch...
Theres a wee bit of decoupage, fabric flowers, painted furniture, handmade boxes, suitcase shelf and D.IY breakfast bar crafts in there...

Im needing a little inspiration for the studio.
I have my patterns hanging on a modern valet stand at the moment.
I wouldnt mind some new fresh ideas on how to store these.
Maybe something coming down from the ceiling to hang them on..

I had some time off yesterday so decided to put it to good use and paint the ever flaking, cracking door...:(
So I went to get my paint out the shed and nearly everything was off.
Must have been the extreme cold and then the extreme heat we are having.
I found a tin of Ronseal fence paint in what looked like really good health lol..
I re-painted the door, the window ledges, the front doorstep and some of the surrounding bricks :)
Not bad for half a tin of paint.
Ive just ordered some fairy lights to put in the paraffin heater for a wee night light. :)

I got some slabs delivered for the back garden.
I was more excited about the pallet than I was about the slabs...
I had a few spare slabs..some queen anne legs leftover from another project..
A wee bit of measuring and sawing and I had a a wee table to park my bum with my toast n tea :)
This took just under an hour last night... easy-peasy...

It doesnt look like this at the moment...The bunting is off..mIldew is covering the decking..My sign is all weathered and beaten!!!
It did look like this at one time lol...

I dont make myself anything very often...
But I really do love this print.
I made myself quite a large Hanging Pin Cushion..
May make some mini ones for the shop...

I Glued on the rope with PVA..
I put a few staples in it to keep it in place until the glue had dried.
I bought one mold from ebay and made a cast of it for the the other molds.

I really do love working with plaster.
A wee touch of Art Nouveau plaster around my Nouveau Mirror.
Some Highlights of plaster around the band of the Ceiling..

Find a box you like the shape of..

The paper tiles up and down the side of the fire are about 5 years old and they are still going strong.
The decoupaged hearth is around 2 years old and has some burn marks but that was to be expected.
It still looks good though.

Gather your materials...
Paper or fabric.
Varnish (I use a water based Varnish with everything)
Scissors & whatever you are covering.

 Ok so I wouldnt lean on it.....

I have lots of sheets of beautiful scrap prints left over from projects..I never throw them away I keep them in a drawer for something like this...

I printed off pictures of Victorian tiles using matt photo paper.
I just measured the tiles and recreated the same size print.
I painted over my exsisting tiles with matt emulsion (latex paint)
I cut out the tiles and P.V.Ad them (white school glue).
Once I had gently flattened them I left them to dry.
I went over the tiles with a water based varnish (about 3 times).

I work with a lot of paper and always have a ton of scraps.
These mini buntings are great way to use up all the scraps...

I always have lots and lots of cardboard saved..
from loo rolls to Cereal Boxes..
I made this freehand letter S from the Stash..

It looks nice when you open your cupboard and you have lots of patterned tubs.
Whats more lovely is recycling these containers.

Picture Frame shelf..

Fireguard made with scrap garden wood, wallpaper, rope, and plaster of paris.

Victorian crockett bench made from leftover hardboard and some vintage fabric.

 Rug made from Pound store string.

Singer sewing machine.

I made this one years ago ..
Using all my little bits of fabric and lace to make flowers.
I just glued them on with a glue gun.

Decoupaged Dressmakers Dummy using leftover napkins..

Unwanted crates saved from the skip...
Decoupaged and a few handles put on..
Perfect storage for my sewing room :)

Decoupage tile transfers...
These really do last for a long time..
As long as you varnish them...
glue, paper and varnish is all you need.
I just fancied a change...
I painted over my originals with a primer to start.

Some of the original prints I kept but I added a few new ones :) 
next is new plug socket covers...

So I decided on a fake wall...
B&Q here I come..
It cost £28.00 in total...
 4 panels of thin hardboard,  2 bags of panel pins and 2 tubs of no nails..

I left the shelf up behind the lazy is that?
Maybe a cup of coffee too!

And all finished...
But im sure the display will change a few times as the wall is new.
It takes me a while to get the feel of things.
I will panel the top of the wall..but not today :)

A few years back I made a fake tile hearth from patterned papers...
Cut into tile size and varnished...

Remember these vinyl tiles from the top of the hallway floor..

I used the leftovers of the vinyl tiles, cut them into smaller squares and grouted them into place to give me a more hardwearing fake hearth...

The Hallway 

 The Bedroom

My cousin has just had a beautiful baby girl called Frankie...
Dont you just love the name...
I have made the wee one some shelf bunting..
Retro shelf bunting...
I dont do girly lol!!!

A faux painted rug or a full floor stencil is the dilemia...
I originally started off thinking I would do a mandala kind of rug!!
Then I thought a repeat pattern all over would be nice too...
This is the problem...I havent thought this one through... 
And I was tired when I started it...
A wee tip...
Think things through ..
and dont start a job when your tired.

I could just finish off with a border and make it a faux rug..

I do like a polka dot...
You can actually buy beautiful polka dot graham and brown wallpaper ..
I just bought some sticky vinyl dots,
which cost about £6.00 but I only needed half of them..
This way when im bored of them I can just peel them off..
 and it took about 10 minutes to do...

I have no patience whatsoever !
I am actually annoying myself !
This was such a good project..
or should I say would have been if..
my lack of patience didnt make it so difficult..
Paint everywhere because it was still wet..
while I was trying to glue bits on wet paint... 
Ive decided I really am going to work on myself with this..
Anyway rant over here it is...

Unfinished wall display...

I made these Garden signs a few weeks ago using laminated card stock..
Laminated 4 times over...
I finally got around to making some wood ones...
Quite happy with the results..:)

Im really not sure about this one...
This is my second attempt ...
It might even end up in the bin!

I enjoyed making this soooooooooo much!
 The house and garden are going to be filled with wood signs :)
This is only my first attempt, so I'm sure they will only get better with time and experience..

I am so super duper proud of myself !
For such a long time I have been wanting to design my own logo..
After nearly 2 days of sweat, tears and pure and utter joy..
 heres what I have come up with...
I have so many ideas now..
Excited!,Inspired... I cant contain myself...

I am so super duper proud of myself !
For such a long time I have been wanting to design my own logo..
After nearly 2 days of sweat, tears and pure and utter joy..
 heres what I have come up with...
I have so many ideas now..
Excited!,Inspired... I cant contain myself...

Now here is some bunting I may actually leave up...
.....pluses and dots and arrows and stripes ...OH MY.......

I have been wanting a Victorian tiled Harlequin hearth for way to long..
So heres my version with paper and heat resistant varnish. :)
Bits of hot coal have been landing on it and theres not a mark..
so this is durable!

A wee before 

And Noo ..

Use Macrame hangers and nice china plates to display your plants...
You can also give them maximum light if you hang them from the window frames...
I found this macrame hanger in a charity shop in Galashiels for a few pounds...

Heres a link to the tutorial on how to cover your plant pots with any design you like...

Ok so I fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous wallpaper....
£90 a roll...yes £90
All you need to replicate this, is some Matte Photo Paper, printer, P.V.A and plenty of ink!
It really is so easy and has such a great look when finished..
Ive changed the wallpaper 3 times this week!

Get printing...

Well it wont be long now till I start my furniture business...
I have so many ideas and one of them is plaster stencils.
I haven't got any pieces of furniture to work on right now..
Im testing on my kitchen cupboard ..
I love it...but not on the cupboard !

Macramé they are not...It all started off well...
But like all my creations I end up doing my own thing
because I haven't got the patience.
More cellotape, ribbons and thread plant hangers rather than knots!
I made them both with washing line rope.
I covered the second one in scrap ribbon to make it a bit more cheerful.
Ive still to make a 3rd shorter one and I think im going to use cotton T-shirts.

Poverty is the mother of invention they say.
Oh I do agree.
These gorgeous little things would never have been created if..


Heres how I made them
I printed some patterned paper.
 I rolled the bucket like I would a lampshade,
marking a line from start to finish.
Glued the paper on and varnished it.
Tip: spray varnish is better as the brush smears the ink.


More like Frankenstein's creations!
Sometimes things just don't work out.
Tip: Buy the self adhesive PVC for lampshades my way doesn't work!
Also the wee tool that tucks the fabric into the ring.
I found an 8" Drum shade in the charity shop.
I stripped it down and was left with 2 separate rings.
I had 3 attempts at this using different mediums.
canvas, paper, and last was the vinyl coated cotton.
Vinyl Coated Cotton, easy clean lampshade
Third Attempt
I made this one in the coated vinyl and it was far too thick.
When I turned the lip over the ring it was so thick and wrinkly I ended up having to hand stitch around the ring.
You know what though I actually like the rustic look of this and its a keeper lol!

2nd Attempt

This was made with waterproof paper glued onto a heavy weight interface and although it wasn't to thick the glue made the pattern bleed.
It ended up really black around the top and bottom ring.
I had to hand stitch the top and bottom on this as well because I didn't have the tool to turn the paper under the ring.

The first one you don't get a picture of because that was just a complete disaster !

I was hunting around the house and garden
for some spare wood to make some small panels on my fake wall
that I built in the hallway.
I came across a few rolls of washing line rope in the shed that
 I had bought earlier in the year for some rope rugs.
It worked a treat.
Finished result

I measured and marked where I wanted the panels to sit.
I then ran no nails glue on the panel lines and stuck the rope to it.

I painted the rope in chalk paint and filled any gaps with decorators caulk.
I t was much easier than doing it in wood and cost me nothing because I already had the rope lying around.

When I do the moulds for inside the panels I buy one that I like from ebay and I make a mother mould with latex and plaster so I can have however many I want.

I think I am going mad .....
I have spent the past 2 days working on a template ..
A template for what you ask?
A fancy schmancy Match box lol
These little pretties are smudge proof and uv light resistant.
They could be used for soap gifts..
jewellery..matches and much more..

I really really really want Victorian kitchen tiles but I just cant afford them...
I printed out my own ...A wee bit of decoupage and matt varnish to waterproof them...
I think it looks pretty good..

 I fancy another change in the Kitchen...
Im really liking the Batik wall tiles but they are far too costly for me..
Ive printed some patterns on to printing paper and then laminated both sides before gluing them onto the original white tiles...
If I didn't laminate both sides the ink would bleed  through the back of the print.....
Im not sure that this pattern is a keeper.
Ive only done a few tiles...
 ill leave them on for a few days before I make the decision to do the full wall..

 Absolutely brilliant idea....
A fabric Jug...
just put a jam jar or a drinking glass inside and fill with flowers..
Im going to make lots more of these..
I used a Vintage Francis Price screen print curtain to make this one...

This one I made for a friend..

Now you know what my Saturday nights consist of lol...
Pine cones, pearls and hessian...
I used an embroidery ring and just sewed everything on to it..
Ive hung it on the bathroom door..

....and a wee close up....

I had some hessian delivered this morning to cover my Oak dining chairs.
Then it just started the whole crazy thinking process...
what else I could do with the leftover Hessian.
Here is what my morning has consisted of...
Oooh the possibilities are endless !!!
Printing onto Hessian, this was just a tester but it worked...

Thought it was time to put good use to one of my old suitcases.
I took some legs off an old piano stool and attached them to the bottom of the case
I just screwed right through the inside base into the leg.
I was/am thinking about painting the full case
but theres just that something I quite like about it as is.
my son Dean and I went looking for some natural goodies to make some garland.
We went to the lovely Haining House In our home town Selkirk.
We managed to collect pine cones, bark, berries, twigs and even some conkers.
Took a bit of hard work getting the conkers, there was a lot of jumping up and down with a large stick.

I have no patience what so ever...
instead of waiting till the morning to get a nice picture of my lampshade... 
which I have worked on for hours...
I have taken the picture while its still wet with glue dripping hahahaha..

Embroidery rings as frames

First there was floral then Aztec/Navajo  ..then  monochrome, chevron and now my latest favourite Ikat..I used all of these designs together in my bathroom drawers (well one drawer lol). My kitchen is hosting my favourite colours at the mo which is yellow and different shades of I decided to make some tile transfers in my favourite colours and my favourite print to date 

Low maintenance....that's what I wanted in a Tablecloth..Every time I had visitors or cooked in the kitchen I would spill something over it. It spent more time in the machine than on the table. I could have made two and swapped while one was washing but I couldn't be bothered!!! Decoupage and several layers of varnish was the answer.

Vintage Tablecloth into Kitchen Door Curtains

Cheap Dolly Peg Rails

Turning Jars into lamps 

Turn A Picture Frame Into Framed Shelving

An old wardrobe into new doors and storage drawers

Using a cake stand as a soap stand

Turn a bedside cabinet into a vanity unit

Sewing a fabric border onto towels

Embroidery Ring Frames

Pill Tins Into Drawer Knobs

Used some driftwood and rope to make this toilet roll holder.

My old wardorbe Upcycled into Kitchen Drawer fronts, boxed storage and cupboards. I mixed up my own chalk paints using white emultion some acrylics and plaster of paris. I recycled the wardrobe knobs too. 

I was looking to buy some mini wooden bunting but I wasnt going to pay £5 for less than a metre of it so I used some of my spare kitchen Vinyl tiles they are just as nice.

So pretty..Im painting it in plaster so it looks like the real thing, havent finished yet. I am going to add more mouldings around the outer circle to make a design on the ceiling.

Plaster Lightswitch Cover

Handmade wall panels

Plaster Fingerplates

Doilly Balloon Bowl
Garland Fairy Lights

Doile Purse

Flower Brooch

Vintage Vibe Necklace

His and Her Phone Socks

Some little handmades I have done over the past year.

Kilts were my income for years!!!


So cute...made loads of these baby slippers.

 Made these for myself :)

                              Oh I do like jars..........
                        Babywipe case in oilcloth....
                     Love working with oilcloth.

I so enjoyed making this cushion...

Pencil cases...I use them to store my tampax !!!


Deans favourite number

A wee purse

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