Trolling the Galashiels charity shops yesterday I found this piece...
A gold gilt Florentine tray...
I nearly missed it tucked away behind some rather ugly green mugs...
This is an Italian work of art..mid century.

And its mine all mine!
I Went out to Hawick the other day to find some pieces of furniture to revamp..
I found this gorgeous piece for £40...
again £40...
I am in lurve!

Found this gorgeous set of Vintage French Quimper trays 

at the Galashiels Car booty on Sunday.
They are a set of 8 and the lovely lady charged me £1.00.

I was out in Galashiels doing the local charity shops,

 when my friend spotted this little guy..

And too be quite honest Im actually a tad scared of his eyes!
don't ask me why...

My son who is an avid collector of Gas masks came up with a solution...
To be honest I prefer him like this..hehehe

OMG...My most favourite find of this year :)
A Figgjo Flint Saga Norsk Design Plate .
Found in my local Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium Hislops In Selkirk.
The Saga pattern was designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver of Norway in the 1950s and the items fashioned in circa 1960s Figgjo, Norway.
OMG OMG so in lurve..

I love this pattern from Johnson and Bros.
Its so Folky..
It got me to thinking about how I don't like matching anything!
I love having one of these plates but I wouldn't want a matching set.
That love of one of everything runs right the way through my home.
I found it in a local Charity shop.
Oh I know I do go on about my wee second hand store Hislops In Selkirk...
But it really is just so wonderful...
Today I found some books all at 60p ..
Each of them inscribed with a names and dates..
starting from the early 1900s...Just amazing History..

Found this mirror yesterday hiding behind a wardrobe in my most favourite second hand shop in the world..
Hislops Second Hand Store In Selkirk..
Here it is...

I found this today at the Galashiels Tesco Car Booty....
Im loving the whole Brass thing at the moment...
The Lady only wanted £1.00 for it.
I stole a few parts from my chandelier and I think it looks stunning...

Today I found these stunning hand made Niarchos Hellas Greek ceramic tile coasters.
Made in Greece around 1964.
All four are in mint condition.
I paid £1.00....BARGAIN !
50 years old oh my....

I found this little beauty today in a Charity Shop In Galashiels.
It was a tad expensive for me but I loved it so much I paid the full £10.00 :/
It must be love!

Todays finds...All from Hislops In Selkirk.
 A Heron cross decorative pottery chamber pot and bed warmer.
2x vintage silver plated cake pastry tongs.

I went to my local second hand shop today in Selkirk.
I love this shop..
Its a Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, the strangest, most fantastic, most wonderful second hand store in the world...
Heres what I found Today...
Three small vintage Italian oval metal picture frames with Gold gilt.
Italian Rococo style.
A Vintage brass shoe ashtray
A Williams pioneer postcard

I was on the hunt for A flower jug today...
First charity shop I went in to today and I found this...
(I love when that happens)
1940-1950 Denby Manor Green Pitcher...
I found this gorgeous Duck Egg Moroccan Blue Curtain Panel
 a few months ago in the charity shops...
It only cost me a few pounds..
Perfect for my hallway console table insert ...
I did have a piece of oilcloth in this before but after a few years it started to stain quite bad.
I  P.V.Ad the fabric on and then layered a few coats of varnish over the top.
I haven't dressed the table yet!

Another wee day out today gallivanting round the charity shops in Galashiels..
Im always on the lookout to add some nice prints and frames to my hall Gallery wall..
Wish they were all real oil paintings hahaha...I can dream...
by Frederick Leighton
Leader of Victorian classical painting, Frederick Leighton (1830 – 1896) created historical and mythological scenes influenced by the Nazarenes and the Italian Renaissance.

Thought I had hit the jackpot when I spotted this oil painting signed Cantrell...then I read this on the internet ....
 It is important that you realize most of the Cantrell paintings on the market are not by John William Cantrell, but decorative paintings done several decades after his death. These paintings were produced in southeast Asia and sold through furniture stores and MLM home parties in the 60's and
70's. Note the lack of age or patina on the canvases and stretcher bars, plus the newer frames. They were painted using acrylic, a faster drying paint. Additionally there is no date next to the signature, like John Cantrell paintings. The artist John William Cantrell worked in an impressionist
en plein aire style, much different then the style of these common pieces.

And last but not least ... The Bush DAC90a radio 1950.

Singer 201K, is the iconic Singer model, considered by many to be the pinnacle of sewing quality.

The 201K model was launched in 1939 and cost a small fortune, several months' wages for some. People paid for their Singers in instalments.
In the 1950’s a new design of singer machine was introduced. It looked kinda butch to the other which was thought to be more modern looking at the time.
The black ones are far rarer and harder to find and are the most prized versions now. These ‘new look’ models still had the top of the range mechanics and an unbeatable stitch quality, but by now the finest sewing machine in the world had become just too expensive to make, and so in 1961 production ceased.
Many enthusiasts will say that today there is still no sewing machine made that will stitch better than a Singer 201 and I have one in fully working order....and it is Braw!!! My one is the 201K which stands for made in the Kilbowie factory...

Here it is all set up...

                Sing A song Of Singer....

 My wee mum picked this up for me in a charity shop in Falkirk I think!!!
Its a crock pot of some sorts in a beautiful glossy green.
Thank you mum I love it...

I found these lovely candlesticks  today..
Green metal with a cream cackle centre..

Got this wee vase today too...
I just loved the pattern and colour..

Oh what a beautiful find...
I found these in an old tin I had bought from a charity shop..
Princess Victoria Sharp Needles in two sizes size No7 and size No5..

I also found this wee article on the internet..
“…The following passage is from the November 18, 1899, issue of The Economist, and lends credence to this theory:
“A deputation of cravat manufacturers was received this week by the Minister of Commerce of make representations on the use of false trade-marks on importations of the articles they sell from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Italy. These goods, the deputation declared, are marked with the words ‘Made in London’ or other words imply that they are of English origin, which appears to be a recommendation with buyers … It is, however, a common practice to import German goods marked as English, and recently the attention of the British Chamber of Commerce was called to the sale, in France, of packets of needles bearing a portrait of the Queen, with the words ‘Prinzess Victoria Needles’ and the name of a fictitious manufacturer at Redditch. The spelling of the word princess betrayed the origin of the article, but would escape the attention of the buyer.”

These ones have the z spelling..

Heres a wee close up of mine...

Another skip find...
Robust leather cased Antique tape measure produced by Rabone Chesterman.  Presented in a lovely chestnut leather cased, the leather has a lovely patina to it.

Bread Bin

Lovely Circular tile

Cath Kidston Bag

Renoir painting

bottom up....1920s Gramophone, 1950s Typewriter And a 2013 Crosley Record Player...

I went to the local skip today to dump some of the rubbish I have acquired over the past few months from decorating the kitchen. In the skip were two lovely lamps. This one I only needed to give a wee wash its bronze antique in colour with a velvet lampshade.

Got this little stoater old army trunk with all its bumps and scratches telling a story of the life it once travelled..I wish sometimes inanimate objects like this had some kind of memory card installed....what as story it would be!!!

Really Old Jug

Dressing Table Set

The comb is missing...but I had to get it, it was so pretty....£3.00...

A lovely wee Crabtree and Evelyn Dish

New Plate
I do love when I find a new plate for my has took me years just to source a few plates. I dont have them all together...they are dotted sporadically all over the house.

Bar-Lock Typewriter


I got this plate rack in a car booty In lindean a while back. I just gave it a couple of coats of chalk paint.

While in the process of getting my dinner set boxed up for me I had a wee rummage in the cutlery section in the thrift shop I found these really blackened knives I took them home gave them a scrub and AWWW arent they nice... and what was even nicer?? he gave me them free!!!!

Johnsons&Bro Indie Tableware

Got this gorgeous dinner set today from a second hand shop in Selkirk reduced from £70 to £29.00, It was advertised as a full dinner set but there are quite a few pieces missing but hey ho I still love it.

Got this wall cabinet today..Im trying not to paint everything white and it really is proving rather difficult...I cut up some vinyl tiles and inserted them into the door frames to brighten them doors up..think it needs some wooden mini bunting and some nice anthropologie door knobs.

Model 12

Art Grace Baret Ware container and Candlestick table lamp Base all for £5.00

So im trying to move away from white....OMG im finding it so hard, I just want to paint everything white I have just always loved the look. First was a frame I had found in the hawick Charity shop months ago. I wanted a more weathered look rather than Shabby chic. So I painted this in a few layers of colour before roughly sanding off the layers.

Found two of these dainty frames today. They were being used to display some quite awful embroidery.
I wasnt keen on the Gold Gilded edging so I painted it in a nice Grey Homemade Chalk paint. The original print was behind the embroidery so I have left it in.

After a meeting today in the school regarding my son Dean I wandered past the thrift shops and this little (huge actually) beauty was there. I have been wanting an enamel Bread Tin for a long time after seeing one in my friend Toms house many moons ago.....yey I have one now and it is simply gorgeous. (much nicer than Toms hahaha). There is minimal damage to the enamel and it is so rare to find these beautiful vintage enamel blues in such good condition.

Oh I am rather fond of my latest find a Bush VHF61 Mid-1950s medium, long and VHF/FM receiver with magic eye tuning indicator, piano-key and manual selection and concentric controls. All Bakelite, with gold sprayed highlighting on surrounds.

This Art Grace Baret Ware container is more of as duck egg looks grey in the picture. Cannot find any information on baret ware but do know it dates back to the early 1900s.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can get you excited. Tis the case with a new typewriter I picked up today. Clipper Smith-Corona circa 1940s.

Bar-Lock Typewriter No17n Circa 1925

Well what can I say except....EXCITED !! Look at this little Antiquated beauty..Its mine all mine.

What a busy wee bee I have been today, went to a car boot sale in Lindean today in the Scottish Borders and found myself one of my favourite Tea Tins Jacksons of Piccadily. I already own a small red one given to me by a good friend, so it was nice to find another in a larger scale.
Picked up these lovely tins of Nicky Snow Coasters yesterday while out thrifting...

A before picture of my Piano Stool. Im going to reupholster this in an Aztec fabric and paint it a nice bright colour.

Salter Weighing Scales
LOVE...what more can I say.....Oh another vintage find...

Another lovely find...I found it a bit worse for wear ..some nuts and bolts, a good scrub, a good sanding and a lashing of tung oil it turned out rather nice.
Vintage Coal Scuttle

I am seriously out of my depth here...havent got a Scooby Doo Poo on how to use this...I so want to know how to use this little beaut but when it comes to reading and learning I am so lazy...I am more of a visual person would rather someone just showed me...The case is gorgeous, so is the actual knitting machine, the colour of the case is Duck Egg Green and the machine is Duck Egg Green with Gold.

My Own Vintage Double Bed Knitting Machine
Another rescue from the skip I fell in love with this instantly, as to be expected with 'modern' Marie Therese chandeliers, the arms are clad in perspex but all other dressing is lead crystal.

1980s Chandelier

What a find...I love it...saved from the recycling unit in Galashiels...A vintage HMV 1960s/1970s portable record player...

Here it is painted and decoupaged with some lace

I found the perfect place for my Record Player to sit. I forgot I had this wee English Oak Carved Tea Trolley and I think they are both from around the same era, circa 1970s me thinks....

OMG...I have been wanting a singer sewing machine for years and years
but I wouldnt pay the money for one....
I finally got one... saved from the crush of death in the metal skip
it was like all my Christmases came at once.

So its my B-Day tomorrow...I cant believe im 40...OMG it sounds so old !!!!

My fab mum sent me some money to go rummaging in the thrift shops ..WHEY HEY!!

I found my first bit of decor for my bathroom in a local thrift shop Hislops (I think).

Pitcher and Wash Basin and a lovely crochet doilie all for under £5.00
The chinese antique table I saved from the Recycling yard.
My funky decoupaged wallpaper all free.. downloaded from the internet. All printed out at home on cheap paper and inks for less than £10.00...thrifty is my second name...

Its An earthenware foot warmer/ bed warmer

I just love it !!!

It cost £4.00
shelving cost nothing free from the garden lol....
Calender my mum bought me for my Christmas...

Found this pretty little dish today only cost me a £1.00 found it in a wee Selkirk thrift shop...will have to find out the shop name (note to myself)..

Ridgways..Pattern Chintz 

Actually reminds me of a similar one I picked up in Edinburgh last year...

Masons..Crabtree & Evelyn

 I found this mirror in a thrift shop in galashiels....I loved it...some coffee and white paint... and I got myself a new mirror.

Oh I just love love love when I get something that I really love when I am at the Thrift shops....seen these vintage tins and fell in love instantaneously!!!!
Even better got them all for under a tenner....and they were filled with vintage goodiness !!!!

Oh I do love a freebie..... My neighbour was throwing this away...I think its gorgeous!!!

Cant decide on how I am going to Re-funk it...but it will be going in my bedroom...

Gold was never my favourite colour...but I do like this..Im hoping to find some nice vintage fabric on my next round of the thrift shops for the lid.

Had a fabby time rummaging over the weekend in the thrift shops. Found a gorgeous topshop blazer and dress.....oh the joys!!!

also found a gorgeous fat face dress for £4.00 and its still selling in the shop at £55.00....BARGAIN!!!!


  1. I am in love with your might be worth me moving to have much nicer thrift stores than we do here in Kent. Ps..your home is beautiful!

    1. aw adele thank you so much...I dont get many people commenting on my blog but it really makes it worthwhile when someone have made me smile v-much lol :) :) :)...I have a wee secret...I have a good friend who works in the recycling unit here and he gets me a lot of beautiful things...I feel so lucky...


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