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New Design

So I spent the day yesterday designing a passport cover.. which then turned into a passport cover with detachable luggage tags... with a  detachable leather wrist strap too...:) Not ready to go up on sale yet it still has a little more tweaking.

My Home 2015

I think the new year is a time for reflection and a time to plan your year ahead...
Keep your Plans in sand and yer goals in concrete I was once told lol
Heres my sand of course! Im going to be doing a black and white Harlequin floor ..
The whole floor in oversized diamonds.. I might use paint or vinyl tiles..not quite sure yet.. Red and white striped wall..just a smidgen not a full wall and hopefully a new sofa...(chesterfield preferably, I am saving) I want a fun interior...whimsical! The absolute opposite of my personality which can only be described as a boring old fart!

Im hoping that in 2016 I shall finally panel all my bedroom walls.. Also fix the wiring in the chandalier! and fix the moldy wall behind the bed!  and the broken door handle...and... Maybe find a real iron bed!

Kitchen 2015
I havent got any plans of yet for the kitchen, but it is early days. :)

Christmas Time

Oh I do love Christmas time... Its a time for peace and quiet.. watching old movies..  and eating lots of my favourite foods.

Architectural Letter Tutorial

This has been one of those many projects Ive been meaning to do...  you know the ones??? Heres how it came about... I bought a new oil filled radiator online.. it was delivered in a nice big cardboard box ... a box perfect for my project.. A cereal box just wouldnt have been the right size! A 3D Letter S.. 24" x 15"

I started off drawing the letter S freehand on a big piece of paper. I really wish I had taken longer to research S fonts.. Im always the same i rush into every project!

I traced the letter onto the cardboard...   cut out two pieces for the back and front. I rolled and taped 2" pieces of card and glued them to the base. 2" is the thickness of the Letter.

Covered the top piece in glue and stuck it on. I left it to dry overnight. I forgot to take a pic on how to do the sides.. It really is the easiest part..  Cut 2 inch strips and just tape them to the top and the bottom.

DO NOT DO THIS ... I decided to cover it in plaster of paris...   It softened the…

Featured In The Home Style Magazine

My wee handmade blog has been noticed and I have been featured in the homestyle magazine...centre pages :)

1930s Dressing Table

I have painted this in a gorgeous warm Grey with darker undetones... I think its a 30s piece???

Chinese Finger Bowls

I went to visit my Mum on Sat afternoon in sunny Banknock... As I was looking around her creatively decorated bright home... I spotted the most beautiful chinese finger bowls in one of her display cabinets...  she had picked them up in her local charity shop for £1.50.. I fell in love with them.. So she gave me them...:) and I took them..haha